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Never got a lone striker formation working, so I go for a 442

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I don't know if it's only me or not but I have not got a lone striker formation working since FM2018. The lone striker never drops deep or runs wide to participate in the build-up play. Inside forwards often dribble too much only to got tackled by the opponent's defenders and they can never cross the ball from the left using the right foot (and vice versa) like the real-life wingers do. Wingers? At least they provide the team with a lot of corners like full backs do. But then why do I need them when they don't even retreat deep enough to defend?

So like what I have done in FM2018, I go with a 442 again with wide playmakers, wide midfielders and inverted wingers. At least now Romelu Lukaku scores like Harry Kane.


I admit Manchester United is a good team in the game so the individual abilities of the players may have made up for insufficiency of the tactic. But look at La liga. Both Athletico Madrid and Valencia play 442 and they are top two of the Spanish division. It may be understandable for Athletico Madrid. But hey come on. Valencia on top of Real Madrid and Barca? It seems 442 is really doing a good job again this year!


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I don't know, I was playing a direct counter attacking 4-4-2 and lost/drew many matches 0-1,0-2, 1-1,0-0. Hovered close to the relegation zone before christmas. I then switched to a more gegenpress 4-1-2-3 style of play and although early results were average, after the winter transfer window & break where I brought in a pressing forward with amazing physicals for my division (3.bundesliga germany) and did plenty of tactical work to get the familiarity maxed out, I have come back from the winter break to 5 wins and 1 draw with 12 scored and 1 conceded, the striker involved in most of them.  I think it is situational on the personnel more then anything. Atletico & Valencia have the perfect players for a counter-attacking 4-4-2.

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