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Training Unhappiness - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have never had a full team happy with my training methods like I did in FM18. My players don't make sense - they want quickness training, I assign them quickness training, but then they still remain unhappy & ask for strength training vice versa

Other reasons I have had is 'Unhappy with the standard of technical coaching' & 'Thinks training unit is not getting enough attention' - I have enough staff & have shared the workload.

My playing mentality is attacking, so my training is attacking - I never change it because this is my style of play & helps with the creative freedom familiarity.

I'm hoping this is just a bug with my FM or this is only happening because I'm a manager in the lower leagues & the issue goes away when I manage in the upper tiers.

To Miles Jacobson, please revert the training back to 2018!

Current Version: 19.1.2f1161578 (m.e v1914)

See screenshots below or attached

I can upload a save if required, but need steps on how to do this










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