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Minuy's Travels, FM18 Edition: Relegation-Riddled Adventures

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Welcome, welcome. After breaking my promise of not deleting my last career, I decided that it would not be worth it to constantly make different topics only to remove them afterwards. This here will be a log of all careers I do on FM18, before I might update to FM19.

So, what I did first was be inspired by @ashton321's idea of starting in a predetermined country at a predetermined club, decided by randomness. Of course others had done it before but it sounded more appealing this time around than it did before. No Megapack or anything, I love it's expansiveness but some leagues aren't that great and the boards can be iffy to work with.

I ended up here, in the second league of Colombia, at none other than Orsomarso Sportivo Clube.



Being founded only 6 years ago and having their debut in the Torneo Águila in 2016, we have a relatively clean sheet to work with. We've been met with the task to finish mid-table, my players want me to reach top half and I hope to be better than in our debut season.


To accomondate, i've enabled all South American leagues, which totals to about 34000 players in a large database. The box 'add players to playable teams' remains unticked because I feel it's unneeded in the default database. Every other league is enabled as view-only as per the new standard.



We have a silly amount of solid strikers but a considerable lack of defenders. To compensate, we've loaned in Julián Guerrero from Fortaleza and Jesús Varona from América de Cali.


Speaking of América de Cali, they are our opponents for the first match of the Copa Águila, the Champions League-like tournament for all clubs of the Colombian First and Second Division. We face another Liga team in Cortuluá and finally perennial Torneo strugglers Atlético. I think 3rd should be a realistic aim.

Since i've only decided on making an update thread on this late on, here are the friendly results.


And boy, we were brilliant! After a mediocre start against Tolima Real everyone else got smacked. The two latter matches were especially noteworthy. Against River Plate, Walther Valencia managed to score a hat-trick on his own birthday! Despite it being lower league opposition I think it's still a nice present.

Against Deportivo Wembley...


...an image can do the talking.


You better brace yourself, Colombia. We're coming. :cool:

One question: If you enable, then disable a league that was originally view-only, does it revert to it or become disabled in it's entirety?

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I was busy with for the entire day with this month. South America is one hell of a congested continent in terms of fixtures.


After experimenting with tactics in the América de Cali match, we turned right back into our former idea as the Torneo began. We started off well, with two narrow victories against relatively weak teams. After that something went quite wrong and we couldn't quite get the results anymore. There's no reason for panic as we got FM'd hard against Quindío (4 shots, 3 goals, right), the Valledupar match was outright mediocre and against Cúcuta it was a fair and even fight with them eventually running out as winners.



We were up into 3rd at some point in the league, but we were never going to hold on realistically. As long as we can stay 11th or above there's not much wrong, though i'd rather reach for the green and equal the IRL performance of Orsomarso in the end, where they finished 8th twice. In the cup there's almost no chance to progress already but we'll try and put up a fight against Cortuluá before a must-win against Atlético comes up.


6 points in the Torneo and 3 points in the Copa should be a fair ambition. Real Cartagena, Leones and the afromentioned Atlético are surely beatable and with some luck we could upset the odds.

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So after the slight underperformance last month, have we managed to turn things around in our favour?


Well, yes and no. Against Cortuluá we played very well, very unlucky to concede in the 75th minute. Then came a dud match against Cartagena which lead to some slight concern across everyone at the club including myself, so I swapped from a 4-3-3 Narrow to a 4-2-4, which has paid off. Lyc Sánchez Asprilla scored at an important moment just like in both our league victories. Then our bad run of form finally ended against one of the weakest Colombian sides, Atlético FC. We held on after Yefer Lozano brought us in the lead in the 17th minute. This motivated us to do well against Boyacá Chicó, where on pure willpower we turned around a 1st minute goal into an injury time winner. We even managed to squeak in another goal after that! Of course our confidence became a bit too much against Leones, where we were 4-0 down at half time! Though it wasn't an exactly fair result either...


Wilmar Cruz was too much in the end. We still have lots of work to do in finishing our many chances, especially when you consider literally all goals of our side was from short range.



It's a tight battle for 8th. We moved down the table by one place but we haven't had the easiest scheduele or good luck. We're still just about reaching our goal of not ending lower than the previous year, though. In the cup, we're not out of it yet! If we can return the favor to Cortuluá and upset América de Cali, we might have a small chance to qualify. Atlético is an absolute must to beat in any way.


6 points in the league and 3 points in the cup seemed a bridge too far in it's entirety last month, but can we do it this time?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, it has been 2 weeks. But one big win for me is that I did not reset in the end! We're still chugging along with Orsomarso, and when we left off we were fighting for a place in the playoffs. Did we stick with it?


We kind of did. We had a couple of brilliant results in here. A draw against América de Cali is fantastic despite wasting an early 0-2 lead, this is their only points loss thus far in the Copa. We also humbled just-relegated Fortaleza, their consolation goal already being too much honestly. Sadly on the flip side of things, we completely capitulated against Real Santander and blew another 0-2 lead again Union Magdalena, to much worse effect this time. The match against Atlético FC may've been unimportant to the team but it was still an embarrasing display for a partially rotated side to calm down my impatient players. We held them to a draw in the league right afterwards which was quite the risky result considering the position we're in.


However. Despite not being in any kind of amazing form or anything, we are right in the battle for placement for the playoffs! And as it turns out, everyone must play against a single opponent twice. Guess who we got? Right, bottom team Llaneros FC! This could lead to a completely unexpected, but happy ending for a rough (and long!) Apertura.


We can pretty much safely assume that we're third. No way in hell Atlético can do what we did against América de Cali, or that we can upset Cortuluá too. I would love a result... But I prefer the league over a mission for literally nothing but some turned heads.


Unimportant, win, draw/win depending on the situation. It's that simple. We either have a couple of matches left or a mid-season break after these three. I'll get back to you after both Llaneros matches. Safe to say i'm enjoying this so far! I'm not even going to try and rush through this, so I could be back tomorrow, or next week, or next month. I don't want to care about that any longer.

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Told ya it would take a while to do this ;)

At first we had the match against Cortuluá. We played a B team for this match because it was completely uninteresting to me and I wanted to keep my players fit in the meantime.


It took a good while for them to break through but eventually they did with a stunning strike by Oscar Camilo. I could only applaud it. We lost one of our players to injury but luckily it was a player I don't use often. Not that it matters much, we're third in our group in the end.

Next up, HUGE match against Llaneros. We have to win if we were to realistically keep up with the top 8. Draw or lose and we're done for.


We started sleepy and allowed them to crack one in. Luckily we woke up shortly after and man of the moment Jorge Castillo got us back on equal footing. Llaneros then started to think about half time a bit too early and we snatched the lead back. After a dud second half we managed to hold on for a massive 3 points at this phase of the season. What does this mean for the standings?


That it will be a nailbiter heading into the final match, again against Llaneros. Atlético FC are up against Real Santander so whoever wins has the possibillity to jump us if we screw up. A win is a neccesity.

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Not a good start. Again.


But we're straight back in it! Heinzen Izquerdo gets his third of the season and at a very convinient timing!


FFS. Ballesteros with his second. We're making it unneccesarily difficult for ourselves.


They hadn't won in 10. Now they're on their way to break us down.

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Jorge Castillooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


We didn't show up when it mattered.


Real Santander won 1-0 from Atlético. We were so close to a brilliant outcome, but instead we whimpered to a lowly 10th. It does give me hope that we can pull it off in the Clausura.

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I think the board is slightly bugged in Colombia :lol:


I'm still very happy with how things are generally going though.


This has been this bad the whole year. Dunno what to do about it. Oh well.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Boom! New contract. That's a rarity in my saves nowadays.


We're leaking money but they're still happy with my financial management due to what I assume is the wage control.

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Mid-season Friendlies


We played whatever we could in the break, for some reason I couldn't scheduele in some matches earlier. Oh well. Our first team did what they were supposed to against Atlético Buenaventura even if the conceded goal was fairly disappointing. The (mostly) second team had no excuse to not finish the chances they had against Carlos Samiento. This was silly and we nearly embarrased. Only Juan Rojas' performance was good enough to consider adding him to the squad.

Look around Colombia


It was admirable of América de Cali to reach all the way to the final just after being promoted to the Liga, but Atlético Nacional just had the edge in clinical finishers. Makes us look all the better when we drew against them!


Leones could've put this tie to bed in the first leg but they didn't. It bit them in the bum in the end.

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Sorry guys. I am a mean person. I upgraded my computer's CPU to enable it's 64 bit capabillities and to do that you must wipe your computer squeaky clean. Guess what didn't survive in the end.

If my prediction is correct though, it does mean I can finally play in Holland on FM18. Stay tuned for that!

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Holland finally works! :D

...But we're not gonna manage there as of yet. Instead, say hello tooooo:



THIS. This is where we're going to. I have zero football knowledge :(

Anyhow Getafe was the worst of the promoted clubs instead of Girona like I first thought. I want to win everything, in every country. Normally that'd be a start in the worst possible league but I want to take things a bit differently and start in the BEST one. I'll also do the same country AGAIN but in a lower tier once the time arrives. I'll completely focus on Getafe for the time being.

As for loaded leagues...


All top 6 competitions in terms of reputation and Holland. Of course.


I'm quite excited to say the least!

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Getafe is not that old actually. They're only around for 35 years, which for a La Liga club isn't too long.


We got relegated after 12 straight season in the summum of football. Bounced straight back after that. Good.


One place higher than the prediction is all we need for the time being.


Moneyyy. Suprisingly little in the transfer budget though unfortunately.



We need a lot of players, especially after some of them will retire next season or the season after. Biggest priority is a left midfielder. I've brought up a couple of B team players to have some extra depth which could prove useful in the Copa and European competitions.


A 4-2-4 Wide for the time being. This is the exact same tactic I had used at Orsomarso and I got pretty good results with it. We'll add instructions as we go.

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Friendlies Summer 2017


Let's not talk about that Rayo Vallecano result! The rest of the matches went fairly well. Luzern and Sion are or were both EL competitiors so i'm satisfied drawing against the former and winning through a penalty against the latter as they're ever so slightly better than us.


Would be okay with just a single point but I can't say I don't want a victory to start off with against Las Palmas. In the case of Real Madrid I just don't want humilation like earlier against Rayo.


Talking about Real, they were absolutely dominant against Manchester United in the Super Cup yet they had trouble finishing. Didn't matter much as they won on penalties.


Barcelona take first blood in the Supercopa thanks to a Suarez double.

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August 2017


Uhmm, oh dear. We took a 2-1 lead against Las Palmas but a tactical oopsie made us vulnerable and they took full profit of it. The Real Madrid result was expected, but should've been less big of a victory. Ronaldo was unstoppable (sigh) as usual with 3 assists and one goal.


Just Girona and us who haven't got a point yet. Our goal difference is already terrible before the season properly started.


Not much fixture congestion yet, luckily. 4 points is the absolute minimum here, 6 points the recommended number. Hopefully that'll lift us out of the relegation zone for the time being.




The suprise qualifiers here are clearly Partizan, RB Salzburg and Copenhagen. There's not a real group of death here, I assume Group C and E are the toughest?




Round of applause to FC Utrecht who managed to overcome both Dinamo Zagreb and Freiburg in the qualifiers. Not gonna bother calling out the toughest groups as all of them have some decently big hitters in there.


Isco missed the lifeline of Real Madrid. Barcelona kept it tight enough to win their 13th Super Cup.


Celta and Leicester spent more than actual top clubs :lol: And they say money always wins.

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September 2018


We started poorly but a change to a 4-3-1-2 formation has done wonders to our goal scoring abillity. Defensively we didn't even need to change a thing! It did come at the cost of a pummeling against Girona, in which we couldn't even record a shot on goal. It took them 83 minutes to find a breakthrough though, which again, shows our capabillities in defense.


It's extremely tight at the bottom half of the table. A loss can put us right back into trouble. Levante and Sevilla are in the opposite place of where I expected them to be.


6 points is the minimum here. We've drawn Segunda Division club Albacete in the Copa del Rey, should be doable but I can't count them out just yet.

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3 hours ago, Marios1999 said:

Ah Getafe, i remember a generation they had with Ruben De La Red, Casquero, Abbodanzieri in the sticks and others

Well I don't :D I only have been following football since 2016 and though i've gathered a lot of information since then... I don't know much of the history of Getafe sadly.

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October 2017


I don't need to mention the standout result here. Oof. We luckily compensated for it fairly well one match later as we changed formation again, this time to an assymetrical 4-4-2. Yet I get the idea that result will burn for a little while.


That one win shoved up straight back up to 13th after being 18th the matchday before. All very close still. Fun to see how shaken up this all is, with Levante continuing to impress deeply and Espanyol being the better Catalan club by a single point. Sevilla meanwhile... I have no clue what is happening over there. Don't think Vincenzo Montella will be there much longer.


I'm afraid this will be a pointless month. :( We only really stand a chance against Eibar and all we can do against Albacete is saving our honor.

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November 2017


Hey, you know, not bad! Not bad at all. After a wild match against unbeaten Atletico Madrid, of which there were 4 goals in the first nine minutes, we swiftly handed Eibar their biggest defeat of the season. Barcelona hadn't won in 5 matches across all competitions and they showed us why. They really can't do well without Messi, who's out injured with a broken toe at the time of speaking. We kept it relatively respectful against Albacete. Which makes me wonder why we just couldn't get the win in the first leg in the first place.


13 matches, 13th place. I like it. It's comfy. The league itself is starting to turn into La Madrid Liga Santander... with 6 other teams fighting it out over what I assume is 5 European spots as I would not be suprised to see a top 8 club win the Copa. Again, Levante and Sevilla literally swapped names and went with it.


Bilbao, Celta and Valencia are simply a touch above us so far if things don't change. Betis is very doable and it would be embarrasing if we don't win against Malaga on New Year's Eve in all honesty.

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December 2017


Turns out Celta was on the verge of breaking down and we took full profit out of it. Ángel and Amath N'Diaye are a deadly couple up front, though whenever they do not score, we do not win, easy as that. Annoyingly, in both the Betis and Málaga match we lost out in the 82nd to 83rd minute, as we did earlier with Girona too. It appears that whenever we get dominated, it takes exactly that long for our defense to give in.


One bad month and everything looks iffy for us suddenly. Typical. This league is extremely tight in all aspects, from the now-top 7 to the relegation fight. Barcelona are slowly starting to turn things back into normality while Levante are holding on to that lucrative CL spot. Sevilla have finally had enough and hired Frank de Boer to avoid the unlikely drop. Alaves are slowly losing touch, failing to win a match since September.


Leganes is the final match of the first half of fixtures. Everything looks much less optimistic now. Oh dear.

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Overly Extensive First Half Overview 2017-18



Bayern took a while to start their engines but eventually they did and now we're back to the usual sight. Wolfsburg are picking themselves up after their narrow escape last season, Leverkussen have taken their place as fallen giants instead. The fight for Europe isn't too exciting but it's a close call between Wolfsburg, Gladbach and Dortmund to see who will enter the CL. Hamburg are surely going to replicate the real life scenario and get relegated for the first time. It's just not looking good for them at all.


Bayern are OUT of the DFB Pokal by losing to none other than PADERBORN OF THE 3. LIGA. :eek: Not only that but Paderborn went on to lose 1-3 to Dortmund right after. We have one 2. Bundesliga representation left in Bochum now. Meanwhile Augsburg might potentially fix this tournament if they reach the Final as either way they would qualify for Europe... Not that I see them reach it in the first place.





Now that's a title fight! Chelsea, Aresnal, Tottenham and United. With City as outsider. Liverpool aren't quite up to it this season. The relegation battle is heated too. Huddersfield are doing magnificently for a debut season.


Note the huge matches in the round of 16. Brentford are having a brilliant time, coming all the way from the First Round to get to the Semi Final. Could we be seeing a Championship club in Europe?


Chelsea tumbled into the season, while Arsenal started sharp. The former are performing in competitions outside of the PL anyway.



Juventus: The league. At least the European and relegation battles are fun.


Pretty boring cup too. Only Cittadella and Empoli from the Serie B managed to get through to the round of 16, though Cittadella performed really well after that too. The semi finals are locked by teams of the top 7 in the Serie A unfortunately.


'''''''''''''Neutral''''''''''''' venue. Lazio being '''away''' didn't do much to them in the end.



PSG and Lyon are literally destroying the league. Everyone else just refuses to do anything special, even if Nantes resume their revival.


Who ever thought Quevilly Rouen would be more than extremely mediocre?


I really did not see that coming.



The promoted sides :ackter:CSKA are suprisingly struggling quite hard, logically they had to sack their manager even though the performances are now somehow worse than before. Dinamo Moscow are pretending 2015/16 didn't exist.


Much, much better. 4 First Division clubs made it to the final 16 and newly promoted Dinamo SPb even got past Amkar Perm. Now for some brilliant ties including a Moscow derby!


At last!


Oh hello Groningen. Ajax have an official reason to be arrogant now! Feyenoord draw a little too often to top the pile.


Don't you dare lose top spot Emmen. Almere are close to the second playoff round spots, which I am happy with. Cambuur are shocking and nobody has got a clue as to why that is.


De Dijk before their utter collapse into oblivion. Enjoy it while it lasts. They beat VVV in the first round! Almere City vs FC Groningen is verrrrry tasty to me.

...How did I fail to notice Helmond Sport's win against PSV the first time? :lol:


I'll presume this is the result we'll see in the regular cup too.

Champions League



All too easy for the big clubs. You have to feel for Partizan as they even failed to score in one of the easier groups. I suppose Olympiakos qualifying instead of Benfica is a mild upset, as is Roma finishing last instead of Sporting.

Europa League




You can clearly see where the lesser Spanish teams have put their hopes on. Funny to see some current CL clubs get eliminated in the EL this early. One year can change a lot indeed.

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January 2018


Horrific. Embarrasing. Soulless.


5 points behind safety after being up into 13th 6 matches earlier. I think you can see what happened next...


It wasn't the poor results that got me to stop at Getafe. It was the match against Espanyol. If you're fighting relegation and are in a poor form, WHY would you be so dumb to give away an avoidable penalty and get two red cards? I'm here to manage a football team, not an angry mob.

So what's next? Well, first of all i'm of course going to give an end of season report. I will holiday to today after that and see what's open. I have the Dutch leagues and the RPL as preferred locations. Not giving up this save due to a rough start!

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2017/18 Season Overview (yes, two posts after the midway report)



Levante... Unbelievable. :applause::applause::applause: I am terribly excited to see them participate with the big boys for the first time ever.

Espanyol collapsed and didn't even get into Europe. Oooff. Sevilla got their act together eventually. Eibar failed to win 13 matches in a row and bottled their place in La Liga COMPLETELY. Getafe got 19 points since my resignation but loaning a whole legion of players didn't save them in the end.


I may be wrong here but I think Real Madrid might be the dominant force in Spain for a while to come. Unless Levante catches up with that CL money.



Wolfsburg succesfully revived after the horrors of 2016-17. Glad to see Köln stay up for another year. Both promoted sides got relegated right thereafter, quite painful for Hannover as Heidenheim isn't exactly the biggest club of the 2. Buli. Hamburg imitated their real life counterparts and were somehow even worse than them.


No Bayern meant Dortmund had a free ticket to get some silverware in an otherwise mildly underwhelming season. Though obviously Wolfsburg weren't going to roll over and let them win either.



Huddersfield were SO close. But just like Eibar they utterly threw it away by losing the last 9 matches.

The title fight remained tight untill the very end, Arsenal holding back Chelsea from a back to back title on goal difference. Manchester City shows that money isn't everything, despite poaching Zidane from Real. Bournemouth's growth will be held back significantly with their relegation.


Oh so that's why they got relegated. They wanted European football through the FA Cup! Which I think they got? i'm not sure how that works in England. Again, money ain't everything, City.


There goes the dream of having two Championship sides in Europe. Now who has had the more dissapointing season? City or Liverpool?



Benevento and SPAL shocked the world with their survival. Inter finally got rid of the Juventus dominance. Cagliari is a nice suprise in the EL.





Toulouse getting into Europe and Rennes getting relegated after 24 straight years of Ligue 1 football are the only saving graces in this otherwise borefest of a competition.


Stade Lavallois and Red Star did well.


At least no Paris Sweep-Germain this time around.



Tosno actually won 2 games :eek:. 4 Moscow's in 5 places is quite something. CSKA saved their skin by hiring good ol' Leonid Slutsky back. Sleeping giants Rubin Kazan are steadily waking up. The relegation zone remained stable throughout, Amkar Perm is the only one who are allowed to try again.


A domestic double for Zenit. Impressive, they aren't that strong.



Feyenoord retained their title, much to the dissatisfaction of the Ajax fans. PSV needed goal difference to not make the top 3 look weird. It's AZ who we will be seeing back in the EL after winning the silly playoffs. Sparta did what they couldn't do IRL, beating Emmen in the OTHER playoffs.


The relegated sides got right back into the Eredivisie. Meh... Dordrecht have zero consistency. From 19th to 3rd in one year. Almere City finish 8th 3 years in a row and i'm ok with that.


Bittersweet and a HALF there. Helmond Sport were absolute madmen untill the final. Wish they were eliminated in the semi's though... Most exciting cup of the bunch, i'd say.

Champions League


The demise of Spanish football. Bayern show their BL dominance wasn't justt a fluke this time around. I've enabled the Portugese league thanks to Porto.

Europa League


One representation per top 4 country in the semi-finals. My OCD likes that. Would've been nice seeing anyone but Arsenal win it, though it was to be excepted from the PL winners.

Club World Cup


Forgot this in the mid-season report. UEFA vs CONMEBOL etc etc etc etc etc etc. That Qatar-UAE derby in the quarter finals was likely spicy... For the 7 proper fans of those clubs that is.

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2018 World Cup



Shock knockouts include Russia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, France(!) and Holland.


Germany are clearly not in as much as a crisis here. The fake team did the job. Brazil dissapointed even with their tough draw.

Next World Cup is in Australia instead of Qatar.

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Available jobs


We may have to wait a little bit longer for now. Dijon and Heerenveen have already sold me a resolute NO. I'll try Willem II and Turkey but I would only expect result from the first of those. I will not manage in Spain twice in a row unless something really tasty appears.



Well then. One day after and this comes up. One of my favorite Dutch clubs due to the minor ties I have with it. This could be an extremely good opportunity.




Leicester are apparantly a smaller club than Groningen. :ackter:It's now a matter to see if they actually want me. If they don't, Willem II have already approached. So whatever happens the next post will be a description of my new club.

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I don't believe it. :D The BPL champions of 2015/16 and we just walk in after a poor run of form at Getafe.


I get why we are underperforming, our squad isn't all that big.


Claude Puel, what the HECK have you done?


Leicester is struggling to keep up their form of old, being a mere 2 points outside of the relegation zone. Our task is to remain at a safe distance at all times. Burnley, Newcastle and Crystal Palace aren't easy pushovers either.


We're still active in every other competition we can participate in. I would consider our season a success if we win the EL or Carabao Cup. The FA Cup is already an unrealistic expectation.


To say this is a busy month is an understatement. A match every half a week.

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January 2019


It's now even more clear to me why Puel didn't survive. There's too little players at the back to fill in when needed. Our results so far aren't exciting but we did win our first PL match in 9 and got to the final of the Carabao Cup where we face reigning champions and league leaders Arsenal! The Swansea result was heartbreaking as we equalised in the 88th minute only to get a 2-1 to the face in injury time, having conceded a penalty earlier. We nearly threw away a 3-0 lead against West Brom too. There's work to be done.


Really far from being safe. At least we have that all-important game in hand to increase the gap to 6 points.


A lucky streak of matches! We're going to rotate against Tottenham so we can fully concentrate on getting proper results against arguably weaker teams... And West Ham. Cagliari are 10th in the Serie A, could've been easier.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I refuse to delete the above save, do not worry about it being gone especially now that a piece of silverware is within touching distance. But to get back into the game, a change of pace is needed and I need to lower myself to an abosuletly abysmal level in a small league. I won't spoil my first destination but does anyone know a place where the season is over quickly and there aren't many significant rules? This does include the Megapack so go wild.

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Faroe Islands is 27 games per season and very small league indeed. Iceland is only 22 league games, but they have some sort of League Cup which takes pretty long and you can't just get eliminated early as it has group stages. Luxembourg is 26 games and San Marino is 21 games.

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9 hours ago, nie jem frytek said:

Faroe Islands is 27 games per season and very small league indeed. Iceland is only 22 league games, but they have some sort of League Cup which takes pretty long and you can't just get eliminated early as it has group stages. Luxembourg is 26 games and San Marino is 21 games.

All four are pretty good, however i've gotten 2 leagues in mind already which are even shorter than these. You'll see.

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This is going to be something else alright. This time, no rules, no anything, just do whatever you like. If there's one rule it's that i'm starting at a really low level. I'm also going to apply that to the Leicester save in the future (i'll likely resign after the season has finished and move to either Holland or Belgium).

If you read the new title, you're likely aware what my destination is...

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If you're wondering why I picked Vaisei of all Wallis and Futunese clubs there are, it was the first save I had that lasted more than a couple of hours on FM17. It went horribly but at the same time it was a hoot. Now I picked them because the long seasons of the top countries are too exhausting. 14 league games plus maybe a couple of friendlies and up to 3 cup games is great for me.


With no players...


No staff...


And no finances to work with, this is going to be an interesting comeback to what is probably the least reputable league of the world, even less so than Micronesia, Montserrat and Kiribati.


Hello Yves! Me and you are gonna set these islands on fire.


This is probably because of the lack of players, but it's too funny not to share it. :lol:

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Phew. Didn't want to be seen as the favorites as that's usually my gripe with managing in tiny countries, if you do anything like signing players you're automatically the best club of the division. I intentionally will leave all my players gray untill the next youth intake for that reason, because by then the other clubs will follow suit.


Sponsorship is always nice.


Our one friendly come in the form of our U20's, which really means nothing as all players are 15 or 16 I think. I really have no idea what to expect from the other matches, Mata'utu and Aiele are supposedly difficult and I want to do well on the televised match against Toloke.


The cup draw was supposedly nice to us. The two 'top' teams face each other giving a 'smaller' club a chance of winning the thing. Of course we want to be that 'smaller' club.

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September 2017


That's good. I like that. Yeah. Mmmm. Both Marvins who are also both strikers are banging them in on a regular basis. Great stuff. Now the most difficult part comes and that's keeping it up!


We'll remain top even if we lose our game in hand. Our match with Leava was actually reschedueled due to it being aired on TV... which I suppose is logical. The media's predicition was completely wrong as Mata'utu failed to even put a dent on the other clubs. They're even lucky the points system is the French lower league type!


Three potential banana skins which could lead to all of them getting back in the title fight.

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October 2017


3 skins, two slips, one screwing us over in the 88th minute. I'm not a fan of that. It's mostly due to our strikers failing to score even once compared to their brilliant first month. Most of our gray players got renamed as well, think that's got something to do with leaving the game as it assumes they're unimportant. Unsure if it actually affects their stats, I sure don't hope so.


Yes our lead has extended. But we can still be overtaken in a single match however unlikely that is going to happen in practice. I'm not gonna let this be up to chance. Pretty ironic the one club with a proper logo, Aiele, is potentially the worst one as well, as Mata'utu are slowly becoming stronger over time.


If our previous Leava match is anything to go by, there's a chance the cup may not be ours this season. Falaleu is the last of the 7 opponents left to face so I can't predict what the result is going to be there. Mata'utu is a must-win whatever the circumstances are.

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Well that's something you don't see every day. Since 16 clubs participate in the tournament, it's only logical that 2 countries share a training camp. But why here and not in a proper country???


I'm curious to see just how hard we, Micronesia and Kiribati will fail. The holy trinity of awful football countries.

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November 2017


Smooth sailing in the league I think. But of course we had to go straight out of the cup. I am not comfortable with Leava.


And Leava are bottom too. Nice. At least we have a gap of one whole game now, and we remain the only unbeaten team in the division. I'm still not comfortable though! I'm not going to go the complacent route some of my players tend to go with big leads. I want 100% guarantees.


One match next month. Oh no.

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December 2017


Thank gosh, Leava is actually beatable.


We're 7 points clear with a game in hand and 4 matches remain after that. Looking good but we're not celebrating untill we actually have won the league.


I think the Vaitupu game may also be the title decider. This is exciting but again, not over 'till it's over.

Oh, yeah, i've enabled Cook Islands and Northern Mariana. The first in the case if I am mad enough to do an A to Z in Oceania even though that is not the intention of the save, the latter completely fits it however as I enjoyed my time on the island group last time out.

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Not even that bad from the tiniest of countries. Cook Islands, Guam and American Samoa actually put up quite the fight! New Caledonia eventually won the thing after beating Tahiti in the final. Perhaps suprisingly considering the stiff competition they had in Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

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January 2018


Called it. I called it. I really really called it. We're so close and the nerves are getting to us, among with the gray players changing again and again, possibly getting weaker with each iteration.


We still have a lead that's bigger than one match, buuut we can still finish in 4th if we screw up in the worst possible way.


We HAVE to win one of these two or at the VERY least draw both in order to secure our title. Others may as well screw up but again, i'm not leaving it up to chance.

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31 minutes ago, markypark14 said:

Damn, talk about bad luck! You hit bad form just at the wrong time of the season. Hope you plan on continuing :)

I am, I was really pissed off at the heat of the moment but in fact the Wallis & Futunese starts now that everyone has players. I think the longer you go with gray players, the less motivated they get and the worse stats they get. I didn't even plan on winning anything at first, so afterwards i'm ok with losing out. Just this once, though! My board (aka Yves Poncet) is happy enough too.

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And we go back to the non-Megapack universe...

February 2019


We hit some pretty poor form at the middle of the month, but the break between playing allowed me to think enough of the tactics (which i'll gladly copy at Vaisei) to make a MASSIVE comeback in the EL. We forced a replay against Tottenham too only to go down fighting at New WHL, that's decent. However at the straight opposite of that we also totally ballsed up a perfectly dominant performance against Leeds, giving them a lifeline to stay up.


Eep. We need wins in the league quite quickly. At least we're not too far off 11th placed Hull. Fulham are practically relegated. Tottemham are having a weak season for their stature, perhaps it's not too crazy we drew against them.


Must-win galore! We start with another chance to win my first silverware on Football Manager. Follow that up with three teams who can really proper or hurt us, depending on the results. 6 points are a must. I'll share the EL 8th final draw in a moment.


Three players with a potential to star for us and another 4 that can be sold for good money or be used in a pinch. We got ourselves a new backup goalkeeper now too with Michael Martin.


...He's a good Poacher, i'll give him that.


This gut is really good already imo. Needs some work on his First Touch though and he's never ever gonna be the captain. He's Unambitious too, eh. Don't think he's gonna complain with his reserve role then.


Has great stats to start off with! It's just that his potential isn't quite the best.

I've offered these guys a contract, the rest go straight into the U18s.

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Oof. We could've gotten AZ or Sporting, but there's also Liverpool, PSG and Manchester City in here so I suppose I haven't gotten the very toughest draw I could recieve.


Maybe, very maybe, we have a chance if they rest players for the league. They face Valladolid, Coruña and Bilbao before, during and after tie... Not likely then.

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