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Altered International Tournaments NEED HELP!!!!


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I have recreated international competitions in advanced rules. What I have done is got ridden of qualifiers, and made an expanded world cup, with a larger nations league competition in its place, this nation league uses all international sides, not just UEFA members and is broken into three different tiers.

The expanded World Cup, therefore, relies upon two knockout stages at the start to whittle the number of teams down. The first round takes from the bottom two tiers of the nation’s league, with the highest tier teams entering in round 2.

The problem, I have been having is some of the beaten sides in Round 1, are appearing again in Round 2, despite the fact they should be out.

I have no idea why this happening, there should be the right number of teams that allow this not to take place.

Anyone any suggestions on why this is occurring? And possible fixes????

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