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Leagues won't start until 2036?


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I'm trying (and failing) to replace the current second, third and fourth divisions for the US with a custom take on the USL pyramid (Championship, League 1 and League 2) but I'm running into a major problem--the leagues aren't scheduling any games until 2036!?!?

The teams are set to be drawn for the US Open Cup on April 4th, and MLS is scheduled to play as it should.  

Anyone willing to take a look at my editor file and see if they can find the problem?  I'm having to use the advanced rules function as the basic rules won't let me get rid of the existing USL conferences.


Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Screenshot (7).png


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I think you were right.  I was messing around and managed to get it working for the most part.  Only problem was that the game didn't change the name of the existing competitions (NASL/USL Regular Season/etc.) but I vacationed for 5 years and everything worked well.  Putting the final touches on a new, cleaner version that will hopefully be in working order.

Screenshot (8).png

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