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FM 19 Beowulf 4231 4411 and 4141 Knap

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It is always the same. It is unusual to have such a high line as nearly always use standard.

Usually if applying a SUS the AI are attacking and not playing balls over the top. A high line is not a problem in these circumstances. However, if you see the AI not moving forward then they will be launching long balls, so drop the line and LOE.

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I love a 4-2-3-1, Knap tactics are awesome, but the start of the season under 19.1 I was unbeaten, even got a 14 point lead at the top of the league, since the 19.1.5 patch I've lost more than I've won and about to drop 2 points behind the leaders. It annoys me how much a patch change alters a game, I always think they shouldn't apply to saved games, only to newly created ones.

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