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[FM19] Club overview/stadium panel query


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I'm trying to make minimal amendments to the FM base skin inline with how I had the skins on FM17. 

One thing I liked about my set up was having the clubs stadium show on the overview screen. I have almost managed this with downloading and amending already created panels within custom skins but have been unable to solve my 2 queries below. 

1) What do I need to amend in the 'club overview stadium panel' so that the image and text are centered within the box? 

2) What do I need to amend to reduce the size of the kits as shown in the bottom right panel or would I just need to reduce the container/panel size? If so, how would I do this.

Any help is massively appreciated!

club overview panel.xml

club overview stadium panel.xml

Valencia C.F. SAD_ Overview Profile.png

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