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No iniesta or Torres

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I understand Sports Interactive doesn't have the rights to the J Leagues which has been the case for many years. I'm wondering however why Iniesta, Torres, Podolski and so on aren't even in the game? Is that due an image rights dispute with the J league?

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I think to open a topic about this because i wonder too. When I searched these players, i didn't find them. Also i searched to xavi finding him but iniesta not. Probably about licence problem Japanese league and Japan national team don't have licence many years.

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1 hour ago, RyanBrown said:

Even if it is a license issue, they should use fake team names and the players should still be available. Seems silly not to do it that way.

Would probably have to use fake player names as well.

But like @FrazT says, if SI want to get the licence in the future, best not to annoy them with workarounds in the present.

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10 hours ago, FrazT said:

I am not sure that it would be a great idea for the game developers to introduce methods of getting round license restrictions into the game?

But is the Players licensing under the J league licensing? I ask this purely out of curiosity, since if they are not, the players can be placed as free transfers. Just a way to make editors life easier.

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