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I miss the easiness of getting Determination up and skills to transfer. Sure, it was unrealistically simple and a borderline cheat but it really helped my particular style of play!

But otherwise from what I gathered so far the new system's good! I still have a lot to learn but it requires a lot more than just one glance. I especially like how older players can learn now and how younger ones can play a role as well.

I'm just still confused about how it factors into the dynamics. So far it always rezulted into players getting into social groups or earning some influence quickly but correlation does not equal causation...

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6 minutes ago, bennyj22 said:

Damn. Is that gone now?

As I see it, the effects are still there but slower and not as assured. Previously it was around 6 months and done with quick jumps. Now it works more gradual and due to more influential players per group it takes more work to get the wonderkids 'perfect' early on. 

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