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For those having trouble with creating a good tactic.

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Hi guys, i like most people had problems with the tactical side of the Fm09 Demo having spent a whole years worth of the 08 game being tactically world class. :) I have seen all the complaints here for a couple of days and also saw the replies of people who are successful and i have come with this conclusion:

In Fm08 it was really easier to pick a club and impose on them the way you wanted to play and if they were top quality players then they would always be able to play well for instance, playing such players like Matias Fernandez or C Ronaldo upfront and they would consistently play good.

In Fm09 demo (stressing that this is my take only on the demo at the mo) it seems it takes longer to impose your game and you also need to buy the right players, high tempo? you need fast players good stamina and good passers in all departments.

In Fm09 demo it would be best to make tactics that incorporates the players at your disposal, with this at mind i have made a very successful tactic with united and beat chelski 3 nil so im happy with the module and think it is alot more realistic.

When the full gsame comes out i will use this same tactic but will get the players i want in an slowly tweak the tactics so the team will play how i want them to play.

Please discuss.

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I've found it about 50/50. Have had some success by looking at my players and building the best tactic to their prefered positions (had to really, with the pre-patch injuries), but when I have a full squad I can pick and choose a philosophy that I like. I preferrd a 4-3-3 in FM08 but had a cracking long-passing 4-4-2 that often gave me great results. FM09 I've got my 4-3-3 back and it works okay, but I'll need to do some more work on it.

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