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Scouting suggestions


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Firstly: Big praise. I like the scouting centre. It's nice to keep that away from the normal mail box. Scouting is a big part of my game, so here is some suggestions, that I hope you would take into consideration. And thank you for a great game. Been here since 94.


1 - Scouting Strategy

I would though like to be able to set a framework for the scouts to work in. For example I am playing as Aalborg in the Danish Superliga, and I have set a goal for myself only to use Scandinavian players – I would like to be able to tell my scouting team (or make it a club strategy), that I am only interested in Scandinavian players. I am also running a philosophy of developing or buying young players. It would be nice if I could tell my scouting team that I am not interested in players older than 17, 18 og 19 or whatever. I would also like to be able to tell my scouting team, that I am only interested in players playing the position in my current tactic(s). There is no reason for them to suggest me a wingback, when I don't play with them. So basically the posibility to create a ”scouting strategy”.


As it is now there is just too much information that you have to give a thousand times – like nationality or age or say no to players who doesn't even play any positions in my tactic.


2 - Shortlists and scouts integrated

I would like the shortlists and scouting to be more integrated and automated. Shortlists are nice, because you get alerted, when things happen around those players – bids, end of contract etc. What I would like is for me to be able to make a shortlist based on certain stats. That could look like:



Right footed

17 or below

Minimum 8 acceleration

Minimum 8 crossing



The shortlists and scouts would be integrated and the scouts would automatically add players fitting the conditions to the list, so I don't manually have to add or remove players. If a scout saw that player once more and he no longer lived up to the conditions the scout would just remove him again.


2.5 - Keep knowledge level of shortlist up

A small side note – if you could give your scouts an overall instruction to always keep your knowledge level of your shortlisted players over etc. 80 or 90 – that would be great.


3 - Scouting responsibilities

I would like to give my scouts responsibilities for a country or region. Right now I can set them to scout Sweden or Denmark ongoing. But if I click ”scout” on a player based in Denmark, he is added to the scouting pool and just scouted by a random scout who's normal appointment is scouting Finland. It would make so much more sense, if the scout already in Denmark scouted the players based in Denmark. I don't even really understand how that's not a thing – the scout should just always be the scout physically closest to the player.


Once again – thank you for a great game and making the scouting centre. Love this game.


- Simon

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I think it is better for point 1, the strategy are set in form of meeting with AssManager,DoF, Chief Scout, Head of Youth Development. And there are limited time to change this scouting strategy / guideline.

Point 2 , it is great if we can set automatic scouting for shortlist and set who will be the scout

Point 3, it will be better if you let your Chief scout do the assignment, the assignment based on Chief scout man management. So, if they put the wrong scout in the wrong place that will be beacause of his lack of management skill. And you are responsible for that too because you hire that poor Chief Scout


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I would call your second point rather some kind of "target list" that could include a short list and it would be, indeed, a very useful addition if you could define and prioritize templates/profiles your scouts should look for. In any case I think 'squad analysis', 'scouting' and 'transfers' should be smoother linked together. 

@Powermonger has suggested ideas that fit in this direction: 

I think it could be connected with your ideas, @Astrup

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