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Change colour attribute on FMT 2019 on android tablet

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so I am looking for a way to change colour attibute of my FMT 2019 game on my Android tablet (huawai T3 10). I already downloaded FMT Base skin but was unable to find in config xml file some area to change colours.

Can someone help me with that pls.



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<!-- profile attribute colours -->
	<colour name="low attribute background" red="170" green="170" blue="170" />
	<colour name="normal attribute background" red="10" green="105" blue="167" /> 
	<colour name="good attribute background" red="51" green="102" blue="0" />
	<colour name="excellent attribute background" red="153" green="76" blue="0" />

settings file inside settings folder (change colors as you wish)... I have not figured how to change attribute font colors yet

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I found old thread very helpful and I was able to change the colors.  But I have a slightly different question:

Is it also possible to change the attribute thresholds? Which code lines would I need to add to the settings file?

Thanks in advance.

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