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[Suggestion] 3 new feature ideas

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1, when team morale becomes low, you can organise a team meeting but never a team event. Why not allow the option to hold a team party at Xmas, or not if funds are tight at the club or the players are playing badly. Maybe a day at the races to build team spirit? The things we see clubs in real life doing. Also more community projects, I.e send players to local schools to drum up support and improve reputation?
2. The wage as a manager is a pretty redundant point, except to amass career earnings. Could this be used to purchase club shares etc? Or maybe have a section where the money could be used to purchase in game items or help out a club in financial crisis? 
3. The media can sometimes be a bit samey. They don't quite cause the controversy of the real life papers. Maybe a rumours section or exclusive on players seen on a night out or player X has been caught speeding and the manager may need to remind them of their conduct in the public eye?
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