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[FM19] The Great San Marino Challenge

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On 23/11/2018 at 15:46, boroofbishop said:

I've been using the one linked in the OP and had no problems, you can just take over the national team when it suits, doesn't have to be straight away, think I'm going to take over at the end of this season.


Any advice on how to manage them? They won't sack the manager!

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Ok here goes: I took over both the Club and International jobs from the very start.




League Table - We lead the league for a long time but lost some crucial games including against Modena in January. Thankfully we rebounded well and won 8 of our last 9 to win the league on the last day.

League Fixtures 1 & 2 - Really happy with how we played overall. Lost random games at crucial times but overall I was very happy with how we played

Promotion Playoffs - Completely forgot about this! Was celebrating winning the league and then realised that it could mean nothing. Thankfully we beat our 'Parent Club' Cesena on penaltys to be promoted to Serie C.

Serie D Poule Scudetto - Useless competition. Doesn't help that it is played after all the players have left for their holidays. The part time nobodys drew both games, and thankfully our season was now over.

Youth Candidates - There was obviously only 1 standout player here. Alan Zavoli will hopefully lead San Marino into the promised land for a long time both domestically and internationally. Was called straight into the National Team.

Squad 1 & 2 - As you can see there are a lot of players here! We had some big contributions from the Midfield and Full Backs with both goals and assists. Thankfully we found our goalscorer in Vassallo.

Transfer History - After reviewing the squad when I took over I decided that it wasn't good enough. By loaning all the players in we helped the wage budget while and gave ourself plenty of roation oppertunities.

Finances - Not too bad really. We were helped throughout the year by the board adding in £100k here and there. Made no progress on facilities upgrades which is a shame.

Other - We have turned Professional

Next Season - Who knows! The plan is to loan in a lot of players again and just see what we can do. Maybe an outside shot at promotion? The most important part of next year is to not get relegated and keep the wages down.





2018 Fixtures - Couldn't be happier with how we did here. We were competitive in every game. Should have drawn away vs Moldova. Doing the double over Luxembourg is outstanding and to also finish with a win vs Moldova.

2019 Fixtures - Got a tough draw in Euro Champs qualifying including the World Cup Final teams. Greece was a tough game but we fought hard and weren't disgraced. A good win but bad performance against Gibraltar.

World Rankings History - We have made fantastic progress so far. With the games to come during 2019 I am hoping to end the year between 180-190.

Overall - Really happy with this team. There are obviously massive holes that need filling, but I can start to see 5 - 7 players that could all end up playing for the next 10-15 years and could end up with 100+ caps.

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So i finally got round to finishing season 5, very tense last match vs Inter needing a win to secure 4th place which was held by Inter themselves, managed to scrape a 2-1 win to qualify for the champions league next year, also came runner up in the Euro Cup to Athletico Madrid getting beat 3-2 in the final.

Next year the board have given me a crazy budget (450k p/w in wages and £31.7m transfer budget) not that i intend on spending anywhere near those amounts.

Bank balance currently stands at £47m

Not many youth prospects developing as much as i'd like them to though

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Time for me to jump into this challenge as well. Just finished my second season with moderate success. I always start with Sunday League playing experience and no coaching badges :)


Season 1 (2nd in Serie D Group D / Promoted after beating Latina 0 - 0 in penalties):

The season got off to a really rough start, and we were mid-table and way off the pace in December. We simply weren't scoring enough goals, so I started to always have Attacking Movement as part of match preparation. After this switch, we finished the season on a 20 game unbeaten run (16 wins, 4 draws), sneaking into the playoffs on the last day (on Goal Difference!) thanks to Reggio Audace winning away at Modena. Who knew our 4-0 thumping of Modena in February would have proved so vital. 

League Table:


Youth Intake: Incredible youth intake - Bracciotti became an instant starter for the rest of the season. Too bad he's not Sammarinese. Still 3 great Sammarinese products in Tomassini, Selva, and Rossini. 



Season 2 (7th in Serie C/B - Lost in Second Round Playoffs to Cesena on League Table Tiebreaker):

With most of the same team I had in Serie D, the goal coming into the season was simply to stay up. Totally smashed that goal, being in the playoff places basically all season. Disappointed to have lost in the second round of the playoffs after drawing 2-2 against Cesena. The highlight of the season was absolutely smashing Ascoli 4-0 at home on the last day of the season, condemning them to another season in Serie C. 

League Table:


Youth Intake (not great - but Gasperoni seems to be a nice gem):



My goal for season 3 is to mount a serious title challenge. Hoping to gain promotion to Serie B by the end of Season 4! 

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That is a very nice youth intake indeed, it's taken me until season 6 to get anyone to be really excited about, a few that will play for the national team but not be superstars.

Season 6 complete and managed a 3rd place finish in Serie A, a one position increase on last year, won the Italian cup but was absolutely hammered in my Champions League group finishing bottom.

Signed a couple of free transfers/ transfer listed players but cheap but their wages are starting to creep up (one guy wanted 125k p/w which simply wasn't going to happen).

The two wonderkids i signed a couple of seasons ago i posted about (Buser and Robaina) are both wanted by giant clubs. Robaina finished top goalscorer in all of Europe last year and is now worth an amazing £54m, might look to cash in on that as i've bought another promising striker i loaned out to Palermo (mid table) and got 11 goals in 24 games for them so i already have my replacement lined up.

Got a couple of good players in my youth intake this year, one has the potential to be a leading Serie A player and he made his debut in the last game of the season (3rd place was already garunteed), might keep him on the bench of the first team for most games and sub him on if i'm wining by 3-4 goals.

Bank balance is looking good, £44m.

This season is the year i move to my new stadium however is has been delayed 4 months (bloody builders ey) so won't be moving in until october, this should see revenue from gate receipts rise massively going from 5,500 seater to a 19,000 seater stadium

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On 25/11/2018 at 11:24, djwillster said:

So without being  biased claassen/kandersson wats the best database to use then 😂 

I would always prefer a DB made by claassen but long term (i.e. when you get out of Serie D) I don't think it makes much difference as Serie C and above should be same as default.

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Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity recently. Been a bit busy with some irl things. Gonna dive into playing again soon.

I've updated the hall of fame, let me know if I have missed anything as sometimes it can be hard to keep track of. Really happy to see so many people playing and hopefully enjoying this challenge!

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21 minutes ago, rycl77 said:

Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity recently. Been a bit busy with some irl things. Gonna dive into playing again soon.

I've updated the hall of fame, let me know if I have missed anything as sometimes it can be hard to keep track of. Really happy to see so many people playing and hopefully enjoying this challenge!

No problem at all we all got our business to do. I'll post some screens again tomorrow. 

The kid I was planning to replace Robaina with is also getting bids for him, downside for me is that he has a £26.5m release clause (compared to Robaina's £93m) , so bids from inter Milan, napoli and Juventus all had to be accepted and he only went and turned them all down, still interest from Man City though so this transfer saga could still develop. 

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2024 National Team Update

Results    Nations League Table    Squad    

Its been a very productive year in charge of the National side. Played 10, Won 8, Drew 1 and Lost 1, which for this stage of the save is pretty good going. Admittedly, we haven't played anyone of quality minus the Republic of Ireland. We had a brilliant Nations League campaign, finishing 2nd in the table, missing out on top spot and promotion by 2 goals. The win over Ireland surely must be the countries greatest win in history to date. 

Key Players

Nicolo Giorgetti yp21a - Cb - Progressing well with the club side, has made 6 starts and made 5 sub appearances so far this season and with a 7.06 av rating, has done very well. Will be a regular for the National side for years to come.

Christian Zafferani yp24a - LB - High potential Lb who has done really well for the national side, and already made 4 appearances at club level, already wrote his name in the history books as The Youngest Scorer in San Marino history.

Alessandro Gatti yp23a - CM - Another lad who is progressing well, although i've sent him on loan to our Serie C feeder club to get some valuable experience.

World Cup Qualifiers

Group Draw

We have been handed a really difficult group as expected Austria(32), Bulgaria(66), Italy(2), Kosovo(119) and Wales(53) will all be expected to beat us. In the 2022 WC Qualifiers, the team lost all 10 games, scoring 0 and conceding 52 goals, we surely cant do worse than that. 

Due to the changes to the international schedule, all Qualifiers are fitted into a calendar year, so ill do an end of season update with the club side, and an yearly one for the National Team. 

Also want to say its great seeing so many people getting involved with the challenge, really enjoying reading everybody's updates.  

EDIT:  On the club side of things, the board have announced they are searching for possible sites and investors, with the hope of building a new stadium. No details have been released yet, but this is a huge positive.

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A new stadium is a massive boost, for mine I got sponsors for around half and a loan from a local investor with repayments of £230k a month which should be easily covered form the extra revenue.

Having a debate with myself what to do with regards to those young strikers i have, tempted to keep hold of them and go with a 4-2-4 formation this year as their value is only going to rise, going to offer Escudero (Robaina's  potential replacement) a new contract to get rid of that 27m release clause.

I also have 31 year old Rafinha who i signed on a free transfer last year picking up interest from teams who is valued at £30M, his value is only going to decrease so might be wise of me to sell him on while his value is still so high and make a £30m+ profit on him.

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here we go with the latest screenshots of my game, will take us from the end of 2022 season until Sep 2024

 Season 22/23

League Table

4th place finish on the last day, needed a win vs Inter to overtake them.



A couple of promising youngsters signed, take particular notice of Robaina in future transfers.



League Table


A one position increase on last year, to be fair I holidayed a lot of this season


Signed a few loans as some of the guys i bought didn't fit into my non eu regulations so ended loaning those back out and re-replacing them with loans until the next season.

24/25 (current season)



Some very tidy profits on a few players i bought a year or two back, Caglar Soyuncu signed on a free and sold for 7.5m one year on, Facundo Collido signed on a free and sold for 2.5m a year later and most notably Ricardo Robaina signed for 9m and sold for 94m two years later.

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Season 7 Review 2024/25 Serie A


Results 1    Results 2    Results 3    League Table       Season Review 

In what was another good year for the club, we managed to seal 5th spot. Very pleased with this, as playing in the Europa League for a second season running is good for the clubs finances, and the young players around the squad. And ATM, I think we would get spanked in the Champions League anyway. In the Cup, we lost to eventual winners Milan who are really looking the dominate side domestically, having won the domestic  Treble this season. Lazio are in the Champions League final, so shows how strong Italy is ATM in game. 

In the Europa League, we got all the way to the semi final before being comfortably beaten by English side Everton 5-1 over the two legs. Delighted with this run though and will be back for another crack next season. 

Playing Side

Squad    Transfers

Another season of good progress for the club, lots of youngsters improving rapidly and looking good for the future. One issue we had this season was scoring goals. our CM was our top league scorer on a measly 7 goals. Improve this and a top four finish is achievable next season. At the other end we kept an impressive 20 clean sheets, 4th best in the league. Inter kept an amazing 29 clean sheets this season. 


Behind The Scenes

Facilities   Finances

More Upgrades over the season means the club facilities are now looking really strong, You'll see in the Facilities pic link we are also in the planning permission stages of a new stadium, huge news for the club. 14626 isn't the biggest stadium but its almost treble our current capacity, so will be a boost. 

Youth Production

Youth Intake

Now this looks pretty decent, but anyone who knows the challenge also knows the dual nationality can be the most annoying thing in existence. 3 good prospects here all refusing a call up so far. 

Matteo Casu yp25a - CM.

Filipo Valentini yp25b - CB.

Paolo Ceravolo yp25c - GK. Apparently has the potential to be one of the best players of his generation, although im sceptical about this, we shall see. 

I have managed to get one of last years intake, who originally refused a call up to now accept one. Federico Balducci yp24d, so hopefully some of the above 3 follow suit. 


Aims For Next Season

Another top 7 finish would be acceptable but id love to push for the top 4 and its definitely possible, been given £350k wage budget and £11m to spend so will need to get a couple cheap youngsters in and hope they can improve what we have. 


Club Record

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decided to restart as just club manager and earn the national job and try hopefully build up the national squad for future



funds wise as you all know its very poor and when it comes to signings iv made non just stayed with the team that was already there and promoted some players from u20's n 18's


at the moment im 2nd in serie d and in the serie d cup quarter finals


my results have been excellent I have been really impressed 


my formations that iv used are 4312 at home and a 451 away



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2020-21 Season Review - Scoring For Fun, Conceding For Fun

Serie C


We hovered around the lower end of the playoffs for most of the year and were largely inconsistent which prevented us from really ever doing much more. We scored the most goals in the league but also shipped 44 goals which for me isn't good enough as I like to be solid defensively. We qualified for the playoffs at least which is an improvement on last season for sure. So how did the playoffs go?


A strong win away from home against Cesena in Round One, our former parent club of former seasons. This was an amazing result and had me wondering if maybe we could actually win this thing despite the 5038383 rounds you have to battle through. Those hopes were dashed when we shipped 5 to Virtus despite actually being the better side. Very frustrating, our defense just aren't good enough at times and are prone to making errors at the worst possible intervals. 



Last year I went crazy and spent 300k which for a club who has bad finances was stupid. We recouped some of that back in the end and this season saw no spending and a tidy 325k recouped. You'll see players like Abbatangelo joined for free in the summer and was then sold to Parma in January for 230k as well as Cancello signed for free and sold in January for 60k. I actually ended up loaning Abbatangelo back for the rest of the season as he was a pretty good player. As previously mentioned the clubs finances suck so its possible I have to cash in on a few key players soon purely to keep the club afloat so these aren't the last of the outgoings.

Signing Acquadro on a free was a tidy bit of business as he finished the year with a 7.18 avg match rating, he's a solid CM who does a bit of everything. Oberti was a CAM on loan from Napoli who did a bit of damage despite being 18 years old and Napoli have agreed to send him back over for another season which is nice, hopefully he can develop further in his 2nd year here. A lot of the signings were either meh or just plain bad, Dametto in particular was a pathetic CB who posted a 6.40 avg rating.

Awards and Team Of The Season


Fratangelo was my big signing from last season up top who sucked. This season he did anything but suck and he created a quite simply lethal partnership with the hero of last season Motta. Fratangelo ended the season with a league leading 21 goals and to be honest proved he was worth the 200k we flogged on him. Motta didn't quite live up to the ridiculousness of last season where it was a disappointment if he didn't score but he still posted 18 league goals, 11 assists and an avg rating of 7.08 which is very respectable.


Fratangelo and Motta both actually finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the top goalscorers of our Serie C group which is kind of ridiculous when you think we never once looked like finishing in the top 4 or so teams despite having the top two goalscorers.

Youth Intake


First season of Serie D remains the only time we've gotten a player (Zonzini) worth getting excited over. These guys suck lol.



Pretty worrying figures tbqh. I think we are due a lump sum soon from the league which will make this look a little less bleak but the board have already reduced my wage budget from last season which tells me there isn't much money about for them to inject. This will be something to keep an eye on and I'll happily sell Motta, Fratangelo etc to raise some quick cash if needed to keep the club afloat. Need to get promoted soon though.

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Didn't quite get to do a full update yesterday as i had to leave for work here are some very promising youth prospects:








Zafferani in particular looks like he could become world class if he develops well, had him coming off the bench in a few Serie A games so far this year to get some experience, he is also training with the first team and is part of a mentoring group.



As you can see my finances are ridiculously good, balance is over £100m, mainly down to selling Robaina to Barcelona, the deal was worth £60m upfront with £23m over four years plus another £11.75m afer 20 league appearences and 20% profit of any sale they make. not bad for a £9m signing two years ago.

Managed to keep hold of Uros Buser the young keeper and Denis Escudero the other young striker however as no bids seemed to be coming in for Robaina until the last few days i loaned him out to Man City so when Robaina left i was left with only my backup striker (Rhian Brewster) to fill the gap, i couldn't recall Escudero from man city as it was within 28 days so i've loaned Paco Alcacer from real madrid until january where i will recall Escudero.

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1 minute ago, boroofbishop said:

Good luck!

Thanks! I'm coming straight of a save in Gibraltar with youth only where I didnät manage to win the league. I got to season 2038 before I gave it up. So no "youth challenge" for me this time! :)

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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I did it I won the league 


don't know what happened to audace lost there last 4 games in a row never seen than before bizarre one that but it was a good old battle with them to the end and I made it to the quarters in the cup to have bari beat me 2-1


im now regarded as one of best Sammarinese managers of all time


an the rest of my results for the season


so next up is building a team to stay up in serie c 

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4 hours ago, jbutton said:


Anyone got younger?

Christian Zafferani yp24a - LB - High potential Lb who has done really well for the national side, and already made 4 appearances at club level, already wrote his name in the history books as The Youngest Scorer in San Marino history.

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Season 3 (2020-21) Review - 1st in Serie C/B

Well, that was unexpected. I was hoping only to challenge for promotion (media predicted 9th place finish), but ended up winning the league with a game to spare. There was some nice symmetry about the season, being top of the table for only the first two and final three weeks of the season. An all-around team performance, with not one player reaching the double-digit goals mark. We were struggling for goals midway through the season, so we signed Edoardo Soleri on loan from Roma, who was a big help as he scored about once every other game. 

In a dramatic title race, Alessandro Pasquini (making only his third substitute appearance of the season) scored the title-clinching goal in the 94th minute at home against Ternana. Unfortunately I was on a plane while this happened so I had to keep my own personal celebrations to a minimum ;)


League Table:


In other competitions, we won the Serie C Super Cup, drawing 0-0 away to Bari (where we clung on for dear life mustering only 2 shots the whole game), and won 1-0 at home against Carrarese. In the Serie C Cup, we lost in the first round away to Cesena, but I wasn't too bothered and played a second-string team. 

We also swept the end of season awards, with 7(!) players in the team of the season, and all 3 podium spots for player of the season. I'm not sure how D'Addario didn't get into the team of the season - he was incredible with a 7.28 avg rating. 



Youth Intake:



Next Season Goals:

Not going to aim too high. I just want to avoid relegation from Serie B and get the finances to a better place. If the National Job opens up I'll probably try to take it at this point. 


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National Team Update 2025 and 2026

World Cup 2026 Qualification

Table    Results

A poor qualification showing, although we managed 4 points, that is 4 more than the last manager in the previous qualifiers, the national board were unhappy with this, but allowed me to stay on. Hoping to do a lot better in 4 years time. 

UEFA Nations League D Group 1 2026

Table    Results    Squad    Records

A brilliant year for the National side. I expected to do well in this group, we were unlucky 2 years ago to have to face Ireland, so this year, with no real stand out team, we always had a chance. 5 wins and just 1 draw meant we won the group comfortably, and with it sealed our first bit of national glory, promotion to group C.  We now have a few good players in the squad, but don't be fooled by the 5 star CA. The same players are only 2.5/3 star CA rated at my club. Even so im really looking forward to the EURO 2028 Qualifiers, as it will be a chance to test our progress. 

Club Update

Youth Intake

Not going to do a full update for the 2025/26 season as it was bang average. Ended up 8th in  Serie A after a really inconsistent season where we was really good defensively, but again struggled to score goals. 

We lost to Napoli in the Europa League 2nd Rnd, and lost to SPAL in the Italian Cup 1st Rnd. 

Our new stadium is still in the planning permission stages. 

Facilities are looking stunning now. 

Am currently in January 2027 in game, we are sat 5th in the league, with only 5 points between the top 5. Had a big rebuild in the summer, sold a lot of players that were basically dead wood, will post a full season update at the end of this season. 

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Sooooo, another year gone by and a very successful one at that in terms of the club, new stadium was ready by December at a capacity of 19,408 and my average attendance for the season is 99%, too early to ask for an expansion?

in terms of competitions i basically won everything, Serie A, Italian cup, Italian Super Cup and most impressively i even somehow managed to win the UEFA Champions cup against Milan winning 5-3 in the final and had to overturn first leg defeats to both Liverpool and Chelsea in the run up, i'll post screens of this tomorrow if i get chance. Bank balance is sitting at £184m currently, i brought in £91m worth of prize money this year which is just insane, more than twice the amount the TV money is worth.

I also took over the national team seems though i finally have a few decent youth prospects and in my two Euro cup qual. games so far i have hammered Faroe Islands 5-1 and managed to scrape a 1-1 draw with austria, however i stll have Hungary, Bosnia and croatia to play and i expect to lose all of those games.

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Season 8 2026/27 Review


League Table    Results 1    Results 2

A brilliant showing this season saw us pull off a brilliant 3rd placed league finish. Having finished 8th last season, this was a big improvement, having no European football this season definitely aided us, as our team was fit and raring to go for every league match. 

We flopped in the cup again losing in the 1st Rnd, really would love a decent cup run. 

Playing Side

Squad    Transfers   

A big rebuild was needed after last seasons poor efforts. Out went first teamer's Morales, De winter, Bagnato and Bortoluzzi and in came Dillon, Birch, Diaz and the experienced Pereira. We also changed from a 41221 wide formation to a standard 4231 and it worked really well. We really struggled for goals the previous 2 seasons but this year, had the 2nd highest goals for in the league with 71 strikes compared to last seasons 56. We also conceded 4 less goals so the tactical shuffle worked well. You will also see quite a few youth players/regens floating around the first team, some haven't really played but the mentoring groups are really helping aid their development. 

Youth Production

Youth Intake

A massive plus with this intake is not only the 5* PA of the best player, but the fact the best 3 are all single nationality. Two wingers, and a cm who all look like they could do well for the national side. 

Behind The Scenes


Facilities    Finances

Another year of building up the clubs facilities, as you can see we have the infrastructure of a big club now, we just lack the stadium which has been in planning for a few years now. However, we finally have more details regarding the build. San Marino Calcio Stadium is due to be built within two years and have a capacity of 16'010. Not huge but just under triple our current 5500. 


Aims For Next Season

Another top 4 finish is now the minimum aim, a title push would be fantastic, however Milan have just won their 2nd domestic treble in 3 years, and last years champions Juventus came 2nd, and look back to being a strong team after 3/4 years in the wilderness.

Club Records


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  • SI Staff

I'm giving this a go for the first time in a decade or so...

Unbeaten through 20 games, lost only 3 all year...somehow finished third despite destroying all the existing club records for points, goals, wins etc and having a 5* rated newgen in the academy to start.  Feels like I got FMed. :)  Had one of those ropey loads where everyone went off the boil at the wrong time and got pipped not just for the title but down to third over the last couple of weeks.  My 5* kid wont sign a new deal either.

Ah well, back for season 2.  Massive squad overhaul as I have no cash (despite running wages $150k below budget) and half my squad now on Non-Contract deals.  I suspect it wont get any easier from here!

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A little later than promised but here is my full update


League Table



Won the league with a few games spare, 7 points clear of Inter, finished with most goals scored and lest conceded, interestingly how poor Juventus are doing in my save, every other save i've seen they seem to be very OP, they've performed poorly in my save and have finished mid-table a few seasons in a row. They even looked like they would be relegated for a long time this season before they put a run together to climb the table.

Other competitions



A very successful season as far as comps go winning literally everything.

Finances and overview









Income is crazy, the new stadium boosted gate receipts by around £10m in half a season.


Youth intake

Once again a pretty good intake with players who will probably go on to be Serie B/A who will do well for the national team, pick of the bunch this year being this guy



need to train him as an Inside Forward ideally to try and fit in with my tactical set up but should manage to do that.

National team


Smashed the nations league, looking forward to testing myself against better teams.


I also took over the national team seems though i finally have a few decent youth prospects and in my two Euro cup qual. games so far i have hammered Faroe Islands 5-1 and managed to scrape a 1-1 draw with Austria, however i still have Hungary, Bosnia and croatia to play and i expect to lose all of those games. I sit 155th in the world rankings, thought i might have gained some places after my draw with Austria but i remained in 155th

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5 hours ago, boroofbishop said:

does anyone know if winning your nations league group gives you a play-off spot like in real life?

I thought it did but I'm in October now of the following year and have heard nothing about a play off game. MIght be after the Euro Qualifiers are played out. 

Great progress btw. 

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  • SI Staff
On 24/11/2018 at 19:18, clemo said:
Take Two, let's hope I go up this time!

That's an identical record to my first season (you had +4 GD only minor diff).  I finished third and you won by 7pts.

I'm just jealous :)

Good luck on the next season!

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1 hour ago, Lewis89 said:

I thought it did but I'm in October now of the following year and have heard nothing about a play off game. MIght be after the Euro Qualifiers are played out. 

Great progress btw. 

I think the tactic i'm using is the key tbh, there is no way i should have drawn with Austria and Bosnia and beaten Hungary

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4 hours ago, boroofbishop said:

I think the tactic i'm using is the key tbh, there is no way i should have drawn with Austria and Bosnia and beaten Hungary

The Euro Qualifiers Play Off is in game. Not sure how yours works being a World Cup year, maybe you get a Play off place for that. Can also confirm the draw for the Play Off final takes place on 17/03/2028 in game, this is for the tournament in the summer of 2028. 

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13 hours ago, Lewis89 said:

The Euro Qualifiers Play Off is in game. Not sure how yours works being a World Cup year, maybe you get a Play off place for that. Can also confirm the draw for the Play Off final takes place on 17/03/2028 in game, this is for the tournament in the summer of 2028. 

This is exciting, could mean not having to top your qualification group to qualify for the euros 

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Up at the 2nd time of asking, destroying the league (which had 2 more teams in this year).  Modena pushed me point for point until about the last 4-5 games.  The Serie D Poule was glitchy in that 2 of the teams I played had gone on VAC so I faced greys (winning 12-0 and 15-0 respectively, and even putting my goalie up top to get a goal, which he did).

Won Serie D GrD, Serie D Cup and the Poule thing....so a lower league treble.  103 points, 99 goals scored and +73 GD.  Did it with a few loaners from Cesena, a load of guys on non-contract (as we have no cash).  Only downside is I'm losing my star newgen from start up (Luca Mereu), as he joins Napoli this summer.  He never wanted to discuss a deal at any point in the save, so I got to enjoy him for 2 seasons and now he's gone for nothing.



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National Team Update

Having won our 2026 UEFA Nations League D Group 1 and with it securing ourselves a EURO 2028 Qualification place, we found ourselves drawn against Estonia in the Semi Finals, who are ranked 112th in the world compared to our 141st. Going into the game I was confident, but missing our first choice lb Zafferani and second choice CB Balducci, I knew the potential for a loss was always there. We managed to pull off a brilliant 1-0 win where Estonia never really threatened our goal. In the Final we have drawn Georgia. Ranked 81st in the world, im sure they will give us a difficult game and will no doubt be favourites going into the match.

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2027 National Team Update.

EURO 2028 Qualification

Group    Results 

A decent showing from us in my opinion, managed to not finish bottom, and pick up 3 wins along the way. A huge improvement on the usual 0. Spain and Wales were way too strong for us, but 2 wins over Montenegro and a hard fought 1-0 win away to Slovenia shows the progress we are making.

EURO 2028 Play Offs


Having topped our Nations League D group in 2026 our reward was a spot in the EURO 2028 Play Offs and we were drawn against Estonia. Ranked 112th to our 141st in the world rankings meant we went in as only slight underdogs, but managed to pull off a brilliant 1-0 win with Estonia barely getting into our box. In the final a tough game awaited us against a Georgia team ranked 81st. We went into the game missing our first choice LB and one half of our first choice CB pairing, it didnt matter as we sealed a place in the EUROS with a entertaining 3-2 win. We are officially going to the EUROS this summer. It does feel like a bit of a diluted achievement, and I think I will appreciate it if we can qualify via the old school way.  All this has seen us rise up the rankings to 134th

Best Players/Prospects

Current Squad

We have an okay team, most players are pretty young but the potential of a few is excellent. I doubt we will get out the group stages at the Euros but the experience will be great at the very least. 

Nicolo Giorgetti YP21A - CB who has gone from strength to strength and plays quite alot for the first team. Currently my third choice Cb at club level but gets plenty of minutes so continues to develop. With 57 caps already, and by far our strongest defender, should get well over 100+ caps.

Alessandro Gatti YP23A - CM naturally but plays in the DM role for the national side due to other options in CM. Is progressing well but not anywhere near the quality of our club side, have loaned him out the last couple of seasons and will continue to do so.

Stefano Biordi YP28A - CM who is the player I am most excited about. Came through this March, and has been tipped to be possibly the best player of hes generation. And with no dual a nationality, meant no being poached by Italy. Lets hope he fulfils his promise.

Filippo Berardi - RW has been the nations best player for some time now, and at 30, still has a few years in him yet. Is currently joint top scorer in history with 14 goals.

Claudio Valentini YP19A - ST who is just so frustrating. Hes stats are decent, but he struggles to find the net. Have loaned him out as he wont get near the club side first team and every loan spell he struggles. Is the countries joint top scorer with Berardi on 14 goals and has stepped up lately with important goals. Is only 25 so im hoping he is like a fine wine. 

Youth Sides

Although not having a direct input, I am keeping a close eye on the U21s and U19s. The U21s are doing poorly as expected, but the U19s are really impressing. Having topped there EURO Qualifiers First Round Group, they now also sit top of the Second Qualifying group , which includes some impressive sides. 

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