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strikers dont score many

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i find this years football manager hard to come by ive strikers with 18 composure and 16 finishing missing easy chances ive also and keepers saving far too many 1v1's the match. engine is bollox we had this problem with strikers not scoring on fm 14 fm 15 and fm 16 when it was first released untill si sorted this problem out with the match engine. i look across other leagues with player stats and again not many strikers with many goals. if this is how you have set this years football manager then ill be boycotting it and not be buying future games. the scout reports i get from my scouts on players unless the players i scout are worth 40+ million pounds there only 'good enough for championship'. also too many goals from free kicks and corners. major problems for this game. people are going to moan theres not many goals been scored by strikers as so many people moaned how horrible the goalkeepers were leeking goals on previous fm's. also the mentoring is ridiculous you cant mentor players in your under 23s or under 18s unless you bring them all into your main squad. the tutouring from previous fms were alot better that a player developed as he trained from been tutoured. also another problem players on this fm do not develop as quick as on previous fms. overall this years football manager is a pile of balls and a very dissapponted fan of the development. been a fm player since 2009.think ill be going back to fm 2018 which i enjoyed.

regards james

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