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Why Do I Not Get Full Scouting Knowledge From Affiliates?


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I gave myself three affiliate clubs from England, France and Germany. They have exactly the same conditions. However, I only got full scouting knowledge from two of them. From the English club I did not get full knowledge. Does anyone know why I do not get full scouting knowledge from affiliates sometimes? What is it that decides how much knowledge you get from an affiliate club?

I saw the same thing happen in FM18. I had affiliate clubs where I only got around 50% scouting knowledge from.

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All of them are lower level. Dover in the English fifth tier. Avoine-Chinon in the French fifth tier. Lübeck in the German fourth tier. I remember that in FM18 I had a team in the Spanish first tier that did not give me full knowledge of Spain.

It must be something else.

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