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Takeover talks taking forever!

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How long time could I expect a board takeover to be in FM19? 

I have been under takeover-talks for several months now, which started in may/june. It is now september 26., and I have not heard any news regarding the takeover. I can not speak to the board, and on the "board"-screen on the "Owner status" it just says that "Paul Mason is continuing with talks regarding the takeover at the club". 

Is this normal? Playing with Leatherhead, currently in Vanarama National League in 2020.

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@Allisiaa - did you takeover ever go through or get cancelled? I am managing Steaua Bucuresti and haven't been able to make any transfers through the entire winter window and are now in May in my game and still no news at all about the takeover - I fear that I am bugged and ended in an endless takeover talk?

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It took about two years of take-over talks starting and failing, starting and failing, starting and failing when I was at Roma in my current save before one finally went through. Between talks everything went back to normal though.

Each time did take a few weeks/months. I assume you should hear something about the proceedings soon...

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Well 8 month without any news, but takeover finally went through - lucky for me during the summer transfer, so I had a change to get some replacements for players leaving.

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