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[FM19] Grantham Town - From unplayable to Champions of Europe with only youth players? You must be crazy!


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It's that time of the year again, the dark nights have set in and what better way to pass the time in the evenings then with some hardcore Footy Managing. With my laptop dying at the cutting edge of my FM18 Fort William story (I feel I have unfinished business there for another story one day) I decided to combine the Dafuge Challenge with the Youth Academy Challenge (as a few have done) and gone with local (ish) to me Lincolnshire side, Grantham Town! I really don't think it will be easy and starting from the bottom of the facilities ladder will hopefully make this a long and probably frustrating career!


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13 hours ago, Rikulec said:

Nice to see you back! Good luck with the save, it certainly does look challenging. :thup:

It really does, not sure how many years will take to start getting some good youth into the team....

13 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

Love you representing style.  :thup:

‘This will be a good read.  As an aside, what skin are you using?

Thanks, it takes some time but I think it looks not too bad at the minute. The skin is https://www.fmscout.com/a-neub-skin-fm19.html - I like it, need to see what else is out now tho!

2 hours ago, Maw74 said:

Good luck, will be following your progress, also great presentation. :thup:

Thanks for checking in! Hopefully this can be a long term save!

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I've had a lot of 5 star potential youths, but 5 star current ability no even close. If you can use them correctly you are definitely safe for this season, and if you can hold on to them, be safe or reach a promotion spot next season. 

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23 minutes ago, MadCatPT said:

I've had a lot of 5 star potential youths, but 5 star current ability no even close. If you can use them correctly you are definitely safe for this season, and if you can hold on to them, be safe or reach a promotion spot next season. 

I've never had this happen, but it really shows how poor the rest of my team are when they can walk into the team and be that much better than the others.

1 hour ago, MadCatPT said:

As a fellow youth dafuge challenge I salute you!

And also compliment on the presentation, top notch!

It seems the best thing to do, combine both the challenges just to make it that little harder! Although I really need to manage outside the UK one day!

2 hours ago, Bedese said:

Love the styling of the posts!

Appreciate it! try and change it up a little from others to make it unique in it's own way!

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50 minutes ago, DazRTaylor said:

Fantastic end to the season.  :thup:

I think your immediate challenge will be to keep hold of those two cracking youngsters.

Ain't that the truth!! I have them for 2 seasons until youth contracts run out, I have a feeling that second season needs to be pushing for a promotion place or they will be gone and It could be a few more years before we get players like that again. 

Think keeping them might be harder than gaining promotion.....

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22 hours ago, MadCatPT said:

The upgrade from basic to average youth facilities cost me 725k euros, so you better keep saving.


Yikes.... I will need a couple more season's at least then at this rate!!

1 hour ago, DazRTaylor said:

Shame it isn’t as good n intake as last year.  Karl Brothwell looks decent though.

It was never going to be one like last year but In truth, might bring me more players able to play in the first team! I'm fairly happy with the defenders coming in, mine are getting on a little!

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22 hours ago, MadCatPT said:

10th!!! That is good, couple of results going another way and you could have a shot at the playoffs.

You never know how it goes in the playoffs.

I was really impressed with the finish! Play-offs look really hard from this league but I hope we can maybe squeeze into them next season!!

22 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

An excellent campaign.  :thup:

‘Looking at ratings alone, Billy Ball is so much better than everyone else.  I hope you don’t have a lunatic as Chairman who accepts the first bid of 62p you get for him/

Billy Balls, won't be a Grantham player next year, unless he does a massive U-Turn as he won't even talk about a new contract! Not really worth any money either so looks like I've got to use and abuse him and Masters in goal this year. Big year needed!

21 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

A small improvement.

Yup, every little adds up, in a much better shape now for the next few seasons.

6 hours ago, WillHoward42 said:

Looks fantastic and easy to read/follow along with. Following! :brock:

Thank you! Try to keep it all condense and easy to read. Will probably add a little more once the years build and we start to go places..... hopefully!

5 hours ago, rodesire said:

Amazing layout, really good read so far!

Thank you, glad people enjoy the presentation! 

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24 minutes ago, DazRTaylor said:

Sad to see Ball go, but I hope that sell on clause reaps some dividends.  Terrific season so far too by the way.

Yup, I really didn't want to lose him but it was always gonna happen. I would have asked for more sell on but he signed a contract and I didn't get a say! The season is going great guns, hope to keep it up now in the crunch time....

13 minutes ago, rycl77 said:

That's peak Ball has gone, will be interested to see how far he manages to go

I will be keeping an eye on his career. I don't actually know how good he may be, guess we shall find out in the next 5 years or so....

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You really have a great, easy and fun to read format - awesome job with that!

Billy Ball was a special talent, so it sucks to see him go, but I believe you got a potential replacement in terms of influence on the pitch in Paddy Adcock - he looks like a 30 Goals a season kind of player!

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Awesome so far!

One thing that has helped me in the past is looking at the 'Clauses' section of the Transfers tab. Playing a dafuge-style challenge in fm18, my board managed to make a deal for a 40% sell-on clause of ~£1m with Leeds for my star striker that left after 18 months. This meant I didn't have to wait years for the potential of a transfer to profit from & the boost in finances helped me to upgrade facilities across the board, making the departure of my favourite player bitter-sweet.

Good luck for the play-offs :)

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