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Bobby Tarantino

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The panel isn't officially supported in full mode skins (it's from the Touch Mode) so your best bet is to check with where you got the mod from as they may have fixed the problem.

Though if it happens on the default Touch Mode Skins then you'd be best raising it as a bug so the issue can get fixed.

Otherwise you may be able to fix it by just replacing the zero number graphic with a transparent image (as I don't think any players should have the zero shirt number as an assigned number). Easiest thing to do is just create a transparent png graphic call it 0 (and you'll want a 0@2x one if you use the zoom feature) and place it in the following folder:


If that doesn't work you'll need to extract the contents of that folder from the graphics fmf file, copy them over to that location and then edit the 0 files.

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