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Memory is running low dangerously

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Excuse me, I have this problem of my new fm19. Constantly it appears a message something like “memory is running low dangerously , try to allocate 1837371 bites “. Can someone help me fix it ? I cannot play at all. Thank you !

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  • 8 months later...

If you receive an error message stating the game has run out of memory whilst the game is loading, it may mean you save file is corrupted please read – 

If it no longer crashes after this, it may be an issue with a specific addition, so we'd recommend slowly adding them back in parts to see if there's one specific thing that causes it. If it still crashes without any additions, please move on to the next suggestion.

Delete Cache and Preferences
Verify Game Files

If after doing all of the above, you’re still encountering issues, go to the following screen:

- FM -> Add/Remove Leagues
- See how many players are loading in your game
- If the total is over 50,000 players and you’re running on a 32-bit Operating System you are over the recommend amount and your game cannot support this many players.
- Likewise if you're running on 32-bit, you have to run with graphics quality of Very Low or Low. 

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