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[FM19] What do you mean you are going to do a Youth Only save but you don't even have a Youth Team at your club? You're a flipping idiot! Don't be so bloomin stupid. How the hell is that even meant to work? Of course you need an U19 Team...... Don't you?

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[FM19] What do you mean you are going to do a Youth Only save but you don't even have a Youth team at your club? You're a flipping idiot! Don't be so bloomin stupid. How the hell is that even meant to work? Of course you need an U19 Team...... Don't you? 

Well actually, it would appear not. Let me explain. :lol:

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Apr 2018.


Well this is great. I haven't even asked for this philosophy and it's there already. (I knew there was a reason I loved this club). :cool:

There is just this little, tiny, teeny-weeny, problem that might throw a spanner in the works. 

I don't have a Youth Team. (No, seriously. I don't have a Youth Team). :eek:

What? You don't believe me? Ok, let me show you. 

Here is a list of the bars or whatever going down the left hand side of the page. 


If I go to my squad page and then the filter menu, this proves that I do not have a Youth Team of any sort. 


"I bet he's hidden it!"

"This bloke with the stupid long thread name! AGAIN!:mad:

"He must have a Youth Team!"

"Blokes an idiot!" :idiot:

"I bet it's not called the Youth Team or the U18's or U19's or whetever, but I bet he's got one". 

"I don't know why he just doesn't buy some players rather than trying to win stuff with rubbish players! Where's the fun in that?:kriss:

"Never heard of anything so ridiculous in all my life!

"Of course he's got a Youth Team! Everyone's got a Youth Team!:stop:

I can assure you all, I absolutely do not have a Youth Team.


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CA, PA & Loans.

So let's have a look and see what our starting point is. Anyone who has read my previous HK thread will know that the facilities in Iceland are good on the whole, and in particular the facilities at HK are excellent.


"*" indicates that the player has now or once had in the past a 5.0 PA rating. 

"." at the end of the name means no longer required. 

"L" means the current plan for this player is to loan him out. 

"(NumberNumber)" at the start of a name indicates the year in which the player came through the HK Academy before my arrival.

"(NumberNumberLetter)" at the start of as name indicates the year in which the player came through the HK Academy, and his ranking by PA, (a being best and p being worst).

"(LetterLetterLetter)" after the initial name indicates that the player has either a Primary or Secondary Nationality that is non-Icelandic and indicates which Country it is.

"Kriss" might be mentioned from time to time and this is a term used to describe the best player from any intake. :kriss:

CA. These are the highest rated players, (by CA), right now

This graphic shows all the players at the club with better than 3.0 CA, (so 3.5 CA and above). I think that just about sums up the squad. Very much a case of PA over CA, (which just happens to be just the way I like it).

Zeiko (BER) is a Bermudan International with 15 Senior Caps, and while he is in on loan, I am unable to terminate the deal at this time. 

(07) Hörður Árna is a DL, and very much a DL rather than a WBL at that. Despite that, he is a product of our Academy, has 1 Senior International Cap and is likely to be a big player in the early seasons for us. 

(07) Briem is a product of our Academy who has just returned to the club after 6 seasons away, (5 of them in the Premier League). Unfortunately he is out for about a year with damaged cruciate ligaments and I'm wondering if that's why we have signed him. We treat him and then he plays with us if and when he returns. He's only on a 1 year contract so I will look to expend that as soon as possible. Otherwise we will be treating him and then getting nothing out of it ourselves. 

Máni * is not a product of our Academy and I will be looking to move him on as soon as I have a HG player able to step into his boots. (Sooner rather than later I hope). He does have 5.0 PA though, so maybe I will look to make some money on him.

Bjarni Gunnar is NOT a product of our Academy and he is also one of these dual role players that I can't seem to decide what he is and I can#t decide what to make of him. He is an MC and a SC, but he has absolutely no ability as an AMC. (Yes I know that "ability" is the wrong word there but let's just go with it. 


PA. These are the highest rated players, (by PA), right now

That's a pretty decent start. We have 9 different players at the club who have a 5.0 PA rating. 

Kári * is in on loan from somewhere, (and I am unable to terminate).

Máni * is here on a permanent deal, but he is not a product of our Academy. 

(15) Andri Þór * is a name that I remember from a previous save and I think he was with me for a long time. He is out on loan, (in non-league), and I am unable to recall him, (which is pretty annoying as he has the better CA of the 2 GK's with 5.0 PA).



This sort of explains the fact that we have lots of PA and not much CA. I will hopefully give both a nudge in the right direction in the 1st season.



We've got a few quid in the bank at the start, but I seem to remember finances in (ISL) being a real struggle in FM18. We will just have to see how this develops. I'm going to have to do things slightly differently anyway with the no Youth Team situation, (no, I really wasn't joking), so maybe I can come up with a strategy that is successful on 2 fronts. (Player development and Financial remuneration). 


I don't need to worry about the Transfer Budget, (at least for now because I still might sign non-playing tutors/mentors in the future), but worryingly we are already over our wage budget. Hopefully that will come down as I promote HG youngsters and get more experienced players of the wage bill. 


Our highest earner is obviously (07) Briem who is out injured for a year. There are certainly some wages that can be freed up if I can get players to leave, but I will have to get a better grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of the squad 1st. 

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9 minutes ago, rodesire said:

Yo, don't despair. In fm18 teams with no reserve/youth teams usually get reserve league invitation after a season and with that a brand new reserves team appears

I have a feeling that's not going to happen here, but we will just have to wait and see. 

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GK's Apr 2018.

So let me get this right..... Our best GK, (rated by CA), who is also a 5.0 PA player, has been sent out on loan and I can't recall him? :seagull:

Maybe the last Manager has a bias against Sweeper-Keepers? #Sweepism

You can already tell that (17) Hjörvar Daði * will be our starting GK and he and (15) Andri Þór * will fight it out once he is back.


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DL's & WBL's.

I worked out what I thought was the basis of a decent little tactic while Managing Bilbao & Barnet, and I plan on following suit here. It involves proper WB's.

(07) Hörður Árna and (06) Leifur Leif offer much of the HG experience within the squad, so while they might not be ideally suited to the role being asked of them on the pitch, they will I am sure prove to be instrumental off it. 

Kári * is a better player in the WB role if I'm honest, but if it wasn't for the fact that I can't terminate his loan, he would be gone already. 

I can and will however terminate the loan of Aron Elí. and he has now already gone..... Oh.... Now it says I can't terminate him. Maybe I imagined it. Either way, he's still here but if he plays we are in trouble. :idiot:

Hákon Þór. SELL is more of a winger and not a very good one at that. We don't use wingers anyway so I'm going to flog/loan/release/something him.



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DR's & WBR's.

Melberg is in on loan, (and I can't terminate again), but just as importantly for this post he's not a DE/WBR at all. He's very much a DM and I hope I have better options available. 

Ingi Ólafur is a DC who is poor in the air. He has some ability as a DR, but if I have to play him at WBR then we might be in trouble. (WBR is my greatest attacking outlet in this tactic). 

(18) Helgi Már has decent(ish) potential, but he is more of a winger than a DR. Having said that, that's sort of how I want him to play so with some slight reservation, I like the look of him.

(15) Kris Þórð isn't very good, but he is a product of our Academy. That at least puts him ahead of those who are not very good and have been produced elsewhere. 

This is an area of significant weakness and I will be looking though our ex Academy products and seeing if I can get one of them to return, (on a free or on loan). 


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(07) Hörður Árna is a left back

(07) Briem is a central midfielder AND out injured for a whole year. 

(15) Valur Jón  * is just what the doctor ordered. A proper centre-half and HG too. 

(10) Ásgeir Martein can play all the way down the middle of the pitch. At this stage, (and especially as we play with 3), I'm seeing him as a centre-half. 

Þór Júlíus is decent, but he's not a product of our Academy

(06) Leifur Leif is a left back.

Melberg is a DM.

Ingi Ólafur is decent but not a product of our Academy

(18) Hermann * is only 16m but I really like this bloke. 

(18) Valdimar * is short, but he can still play centrally in a 3. i like him. 

Hörður Máni came through at Ymir who are our Affiliate and I believe "B-Team". I'm not really sure whether I class this bloke as HG at club because I know they don't have a Youth Intake. I guess I will consider him somewhere in between HG and not HG. Either way, he's not great

Birkir Blær is another who came through at Ymir. He's ok, but only 5'10 and really not good in the air. I can possibly have 1 shorty at the back, but I certainly don't want 2. 

(18) Aðal * is another player I like at centre-half. We've got what looks to be 3 particularly promising young centre-backs on our hands. 

Aron Elí. is a DL and in on loan

(15) Fannar Gauti L is probably more of a DM than a DC. 


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What have I walked in to? 

When you look at the GK's and the cenbtre-backs you can't but help feel the slightest start of a smile in the corners of your mouth. This is going to be a walk in the park.....

And then you see the rest of the squad....... :stop:

It's not pretty. It's REALLY not pretty. Let's just say that loan players will be playing in forward positions, and even worse than that, loan wingers will be starting up front. (I will just let that sink in for a second)................... Exactly how bad must things be if I'm prepared to play a loaned in winger up front? Bad. Really bad. 

That would possibly explain the games that have already been played before my arrival. 


We play eachother just once in this Mickey mouse elongated version of the Charity Shield pretending to be a League, (and failing).


With just 1 game left to play we already have no chance of progressing to the Knockout stages. 


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45 minutes ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

DL's & WBL's.

I can and will however terminate the loan of Aron Elí. and he has now already gone..... Oh.... Now it says I can't terminate him. Maybe I imagined it. Either way, he's still here but if he plays we are in trouble. :idiot:

The reason I couldn't release him was because.... I had already released him. :idiot:

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Apr 2018.

The transfer was for only £525 so that possibly explains why we have so little cash.



I know they are only friendlies, but that reminds me to appoint my GK's as set-piece takers and to stop those on a hat-trick taking a pen. 

The goal that (10) Ásgeir Martein scored in the League Cup was a direct free-kick taken by an outfield player. 

The penalty that Máni * took against HK/Ymir was taken because 1st choice GK had been subbed off.

Centre-back (15) Valur Jón  * scored a hat-trick against Kria by taking an 88th min pen that I want my GK's to take. 


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May 2018.

A win and a draw in the league, (unbeaten is always decent), but we were not strong enough to get passed Premier Division Stjarnan in the Cup.


Well we are unbeaten, (albeit after only 2 games). but we already have 2 games in hand on some of the teams above us. 


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Jun 2018.


It really wasn't a great month, and to concede 6 goals in 2 games is concerning. 

Jul 2018.


Things can't be too bad when you win all your league games in a month, your main striker scores in all 4 games and even you GK bags a couple of goals. 


We are still just outside the promotion zone, but we still have 8 games to claw them back. 



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Youth Intake 1. Aug 2018

Golden Generations were ten-a-penny in FM18. Hopefully they are less common in FM19 and it actually really is an indication of a special group. 


He had a notable influence in (18f) and (18k) who are (Unamb) with 2 Det and (F.Pro) with 12 Det. 

The HoYD has a (Bal) personality with 8 Det.

At first glance this looks a REALLY GOOD intake. I mean REALLLLLLLY Good. :cool:

3x 5.0 PA players, (including 3 positions that I actually use). 

3x other players have better than 3.0 PA. 

If I look at (18j) Sindri Snær down in 10th place, he will get a game in the starting line-up next week.

In fact (18m)  Henry Hrólf looks like he has the makings of a decent TM too. He would be in and about the squad too and he's down in 13th place. 

I was really keen for getting a WBR. (18f) Hrannar Krist looks like he might be at least half-decent so I guess he will do. 

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the wingers. 

(18g) Atli Gíslas has (Det) of 2.

(18h) Helgi Friðrik has (Det) of 3.

(18i) Kolbeinn Birgir has (Det) of 4.

I'm not really sure what I can do with any of them, but we are so short of numbers I don't want to waste them. 


"Kriss" (18a) Valtýr Már (2018) *.

I really wanted to play with a SS, but this bloke is so not a Shadow Striker and so is a Playmaker. 


(18b) Viktor Einar.

This guy has the makings of a VERY good centre-half. (He's also a lefty too!)


(18c) Gunnar Geir.

That means we now have 3 different GK's with 5.0 PA. Well that's GK sorted for the next 20 years. :lol:


(18d) Kristján Sigurgeir.

OMG! Wow! :eek: I hadn't even looked at this bloke until now. This bloke walks straight into the starting line-up. I will be training him as a DLP. 


(18j) Sindri Snær.

I know this bloke only has 0.5 CA stars and 2.5 PA stars, but just ignore that and look at him. He looks WAAAAY better than that. I know he's a bit raw, but he will get some games now. 


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HKU19's 0 - 3 HK Youth Candidates. Aug 2018.

As you would expect, our 1st Youth Intake absolutely hammered our non-existent U19's. 

I can click on the players in the U19's squad and it tells me that they are in HK U19, but when I try to click on HK U19's it's non-clickable. We still don't have an U19's side. 


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8 hours ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

I can click on the players in the U19's squad and it tells me that they are in HK U19, but when I try to click on HK U19's it's non-clickable. We still don't have an U19's side.

That's odd. I took a job in Iceland on my game and then reloaded when I realised there wasn't an U19 team. How are you going to manage your squad, lots of loans?

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The Plan. Aug 2018.

So I am still formulating a plan as we go. 

Let's have a look at what Affiliates we have. 

Ymir. (Non-league Amateur club).

We are obviously the Senior Affiliate and both clubs share the same board. The terms of this deal will prevent Ymir from playing in the same division as HK. To me that sounds pretty much like a B_team in a non-playable league. 

We can send players there on loan, but I'm not sure if there is a limit to how many loan players they can play in a match squad. These are the rules available. 

Premier Division Rules


First Division Rules


So it could be that these sorts of rules won't be enforced within game because Ymir are in a non-playable league anyway.

The other thing that I'm not completely sure about is the difference between a player being loaned out to a club playing in a non-playable league compared to a club in a playable league. I know it used to make a big difference, but not sure at all now. 


Ymir are an Amateur side and they have a full squad, currently with 0 loans, (so I could certainly send at least 4 there and the way that games in Iceland are squashed into such a short season, I could possibly send them 6 even if they were only able to field 4 at a time. 


HK/Ymir. (U19 Division B).

This Affiliation is a little different to anything I have seen before. 

We can send players on loan, (although they don't have to be played. (That's fair enough).
I can recall, (but I'm guessing only within a window). 
It's a long-term deal. Good. 
The backroom staff are contracted to the main club only. Right, so I employ staff for a Youth Team, without actually having a Youth Team. That doesn't seem right. 
They have access to all out training facilities. 
They use the same kit as us. 

It honestly seems as if Ymir are a B-Team and HK/Ymir are our U19's and the game has just created it wrong. 


HK/Ymir seem to be set up as a completely independent club, (but i really don't think they are). 


They have a full squad of players, (none of whom are older than 17).


They are in the U19 Division B

While they are not one of the big-hitters in the league, they are not struggling at the bottom either. 



I've just gone back to check the rules of the U19 league and they are different. There is no limit to the number of loan players used. :):thup:


I notice that FH are unbeaten after 13 games and I wonder if I might see what their relationship is to the Senior side?

FH (Premier Division), Keflavik (Premier Division), Vikingur R (Premier Division), Breidablik (Premier Division), Njarvikur, (First Division), Por (First Fivision) & Haukar (First Division) are the only clubs that operate their own U19 squad it seems. (Maybe it's a money thing?) 

The other thing that seems particularly strange is that I can't scout the U19's. (My thinking at the moment is that they are my players anyway so if any are decent then I might nab them).


I wonder if I can scout the Ymir Senior squad? 

No, I can't, (for the same reason). Outside Scouting scope - Not enough budget. Let's see what ours scouting budget actually is? 


That's a little strange. 

I don't think we had a scouting team when the game started, but the Chairman, (or someone anyway), has been signing staff.


So the Chairman/woman/Director/Boss/HeadHoncho/Whatever he/she is has signed 2 Scouts to go with the Chief Scout, but they haven't been given a budget to work with. 

Also, they have somehow already scouted players while having no budget. :stop:

Let's have a look at who and what they have scouted. Maybe they were scouted before joining us and the knowledge has carried over? 

It would seem that we have scouted 69 players and some of these as recently as 5 days ago. 


I wonder what our finances say about scouting costs?

It would appear that we have spent almost £30k already this season on scouting. I'm really not sure how this is working. The other thing I should think about is... while £30k is not that much money in the grand scheme of things, it's more than the cost of our Youth setup. If we aren't signing anyone, why am I spending more on it than on our Youth Team?


This is very strange. 


We have a scouting budget of £9.75k and we have.... oh this is it I think. We have already over-spent to the tune of £14,19k so the board have cancelled it. Ok, that at least makes sense, even if it is rubbish. :lol: Apologies for me rambling on and on. 

So now I have to basically decide who is going where.

before that I need to decide who is staying I think, (because quite a few of this recent intake are going straight into the starting line-up. 

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1 hour ago, Reggiana said:

That's odd. I took a job in Iceland on my game and then reloaded when I realised there wasn't an U19 team. How are you going to manage your squad, lots of loans?

Some Icelandic clubs have U19 teams and others don't. 

From what I can see, only FH (Premier Division), Keflavik (Premier Division), Vikingur R (Premier Division), Breidablik (Premier Division), Njarvikur, (First Division), Por (First Fivision) & Haukar (First Division) have their own U19 teams. 

I'm not sure yet if this mirrors real life or if it's a money related thing within the game. 

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99 problems but a Youth Team ain't one. Aug 2018.

So my plan was to keep any good youth players at the club who were going to make an immediate impact, send all other youngsters to HK/Ymir U19's so that they are available to play in the U19 League, and then send the rest out on loan to either Ymir in non-league or to anyone who would have them. 

It's not going to work though.

We started off with 4 GK's at the club and I sold 1 for about £500 and then we had (18c) Gunnar Geir promoted via the recent intake. 


The top player is surplus to requirements and I will sell/loan/release when possible.

The next 2 players are the 2 I want to stay at the club. 

Then we have (18c) Gunnar Geir who I obviously want to loan to HK/Ymir U19's. The only problem is, I can't. :(

Where as I can select a Senior player and move him to an affiliate, I am unable to do this with a player on a youth contract. This 1st picture is where I can do it for a Senior player. 


This 2nd picture is where I can't do it for a Youth player. I don't have a "Squad" tab and I can't set him available for loan. :(


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Plan B.

What I'm going to do instead is keep all the recent intake at the club, (because I have no choice), and where there is a good young player that they are replacing, I am going to send the slightly older youngster away to HK/Yilmir. 

In this particular instance, (GK's), (18c) Gunnar Geir has been promoted and already has better CA than (17) Hjörvar Daði * so I'm going to send (17) Hjörvar Daði * out on loan to HK/Yilmir U19's for the last 2 months of the season. 



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3 minutes ago, rodesire said:

Well, this is just getting harder and harder :( 

I've got something else I can do that seems to work ok, (as above), but i wonder if signing a pre-contract will make a difference too?

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11 minutes ago, rodesire said:

reserve/u19 team to be acquired in the season break?

I'm honestly not sure. 

I'm almost positive that we won't have a Reserve Team at any point during the same. Less sure about what is going to happen with the U19's. 

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2 hours ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

What the hell? Nov 2020.

This just isn't set up properly and I'm not sure there is a way to fix it. Will have to hope that it's fixed in a future patch. :(



yikes, that is broken af

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17 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

That makes Iceland unplayable for me this season unless it is fixed.  😲

It's interesting. I've loaded up an Icelandic save on FMT19 and Hk have both Senior and Reserve sides but no Youth sides. I'm not sure how FMT works though. Might be worth a look. Iceland does indeed look screwed. 

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9 hours ago, Carninho said:

you need to get back to Regensburg.

I know they are in the 2nd tier now, but starting a youth only at a high ranked club has a whole different set of challenges 

Thanks for saying that. I am desperately searching for a save to grab me at the moment and nothing is hitting the spot.  

FM19 in Iceland is broken. 

FMT19 in Iceland doesn't seem to be broken but doesn't have a youth team at all, (just Reserves and that's how it's intended I think). 

I loaded up a Gibraltar save and the First Division wasn't right, (I don't think). 

I loaded up a @dafugeChallenge game and holidayed for a year and got Hendon promoted, (I'm from pretty near there), and @Simon Tipplewas a 6'4" centre-half in my squad. (He hailed from Brighton so I knew it was him), and while that was a great save to start with, I had hardly any players and I wouldn't have been able to play Youth only. 

I loaded up a Balkans save and wrote the opening post for a new thread where I took over at Teleoptik, (who are Partizan's) B Team, but I did so well in the 1st half of the season that they took all my best players and I started losing every game where I would have smashed them with the players I started the season with.

I played the Beta managing both Barnet, (the team I support), and Bilbao. Barnet was great but I don;t actually like managing them for some reason, and Bilbao just seemed like such hard work with 130+ players right from the off. 

I was desperate for a @claassencreation to really delve deep into something, somewhere, but it seems he is not finding the FM19 Editor very user friendly, (neither are SI because they couldn't get their own Gibraltar save to work), and so I'm sort of stuck in limbo. Actually, I've just found that @claassenhas managed to get a France database down to level 5. That's just the sort of thing I'm looking for. I don't really trust a database created by anyone else, (although I appreciate that there are no guarantees that his will be serious bug-free). I think I'm going to have a go in France, (and at least serve as his tester). If it doesn't work out then it probably will be Regensburg. 

Although I make a joke of it, you have no idea how gutted I was to get sacked by them back in FM whateveritwas. 


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France would be interesting for sure. I bet you can find a crazy team name or story to link yourself to a lower league club.

The last Claassen save I did was in Kuwait as I wanted to create a feeder club to Nottm Forest when they were owned buy a Kuwaiti family IRL (before it all turned very sour). I also controlled Forest, the feeder team and national side. I had world class Kuwaiti players come through the youth setup at Forest but found that the top players didn't want to represent Kuwait as they were dual nationality because of the link with Forest. This was all a few years ago mind. 

This year I was planning to try the create a club feature and put one on the Isle of Man and replace a Conference North team.

But after you reminded me of the Forest/Kuwait save I might look into pairing up a club and nation again maybe? I did like the idea of using a top academy to help produce players for a minor nation.


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5 hours ago, Carninho said:

 I did like the idea of using a top academy to help produce players for a minor nation.

The most obvious one is San Marino, but also FC Vaduz of Switzerland/Liechtenstein, FC Andorra play in Spains 9th tier I think. (Now THAT would be a database and a half not to mention a fantastic challenge) but I have always liked the idea of getting 4 Welsh clubs to the top of the Premier league and dominating things en masse.

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This is amazing, I started a save in Iceland, and got hired exactly by HK.

I had started this in 18, and I was using claassen's pack (though HK was still in the 2nd division) but then I just moved to 19 and I'm almost sure they had a U19 team in FM18, and was really surprised there wasn't one in FM19 and I had a main squad with almost 40 players.

So it WAS a bug.

Edited by Lanko
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