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Will there be an option for Saturday/Wednesday games for online?

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Just wondering if there will be an option to play games at the same time, so we don't have to wait for a game to finish before we play our own games. I believe this was in last year, hopefully it will be in this year otherwise it's gonna be a LONG time waiting :lol:

Football Manager 2019_ Application Online Game Preferences.png

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32 minutes ago, santy001 said:

It is in the game already, I've been using it on a beta network game:


This is only for touch is it not?


6 hours ago, HUNT3R said:

Is it not under Match Scheduling Options?

Not that I am aware of, unless i can't read haha

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1 minute ago, santy001 said:

@RyanBrown it's on the right for you. Currently you have it to allow matches to be moved for TV broadcast, that's the option I changed mine to Saturday/Wednesday matchdays. If its not there, it might be a bug.

I will set up another game now for online, and see if the option is available.

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