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Should Fm bring back the manager photo?

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Personally, I absolutely hate the face generator thing and would welcome back the bog standard photo. I just wanted to know what other folk thought and if there was enough pressure to bring it back. (without a mod!)

I am absolutely sick of the 3 years we have had to put of with the cartoony caricature with the crappy options of haircuts and facial hair. Im sorry, but I have played red dead redemption today and I am absolutely sure that graphics have moved on beyond a brown Mr whippy haircut and a solid black comedy looking drawn on facial hair.

just bring back the bog standard photo and stop trying to be clever. after all, that image is actually me. not something I have to place dots on and look like some 70's photofit of the Yorkshire ripper...

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Didn't even know it was gone. I don't put a picture of myself in the game, never have, never will. 

But of course, it should be a choice to have a photo or choose an eFit. 


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