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Bernd Leno Appreciation Thread

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I signed Bernd Leno on FM19 a couple of seasons ago for all of our transfer budget which was 60million (had to sell most of my players to get Leno) and I'm really happy with the club's investment. 

I thought I would dedicate his regular contributions to the club with a thread regularly posting his world class performances. No wonder my scouts told me to buy him at any price!

Take a look...




Thanks Bayer 04. 

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9 minutes ago, Carambau said:

i would NEVER spend 60M for a GK. He didnt disappoint though :D

Well we were conceding too many goals in the first season so we bought a top class goalkeeper

7 minutes ago, brewtal said:

hahaha and people think this Match engine isnt a joke?

I think Leno may disagree with you on that, the conditions can sometimes be a factor like if it's raining and the ball is slippy 

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It's good to have goalkeeping errors in the match engine because they play a part in real life football as well but that first clip is a bit too much to handle. Second and third ones on the other hand are quite realistic imho but a bit clumsy presentation makes keeper look ridiculous. 

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41 minutes ago, r0x0r said:

The same thing happened to me. Totally unrealistic.



When FM introducing staff screwing up & not spotting a concussion then we can come back & talk about realism comparisons like this.

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