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Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha should be made a Leicester Legend

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im a Leicester fan, and its so sad what happened to Vichai.

We had the best owners you could wish for at a club and to lose the chairman is devastating. They werent the richest but put millions into our club, transforming it from debt ridden to Premier League champions whilst putting in planning permission for a state of the art training ground and a stadium expansion, wiping out all our debt too, and they were so into the club and the fans too, sometimes taking trains to away games with the fans, other times giving away free beer and food on the day of the game. Vichai was the driving force behind all of it.


The guy IS a legend.

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The guy is a legend not just to Leicester City, but to football and life in general. You don't get many people like him, certainly not multi multi millionaires. I would love to see him immortalised in a small way by FM by making him a legend in the game. Great shout.

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When I say that he is a legend, I am saying that without any nostalgia or mourn. 

It is evident from Kasper Schmeichel's open letter than Mr. Srivaddhanaprabha had an enormous ambition. That it succeeded is an unbelievable feat, and I am certain that we won't see anything like it anytime soon. From the giant wave of new owners that flooded into the smaller clubs of English football, he was one of the very, very few that lived up to his promise. Among the vast number of alliances between football and business, this was truly an exemplary one, where every party involved flourished well beyond their past limitations. 

As far as I know, commonly the term 'club legend' is limited to managers and players, but I don't think anyone would object to expanding that definition to include owners, especially for someone who clearly impacted the lives of so many associated with the club. 

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Vichai not only did so much for Leicester City but the city of leicester too and in his business life.


He built a highly successful duty free business employing hundreds of staff back home, whilst also was heavily involved in the county in donating to the university of leicester and glenfield hospital.


Alan Birchenall our club ambassador collapsed at an awards ceremony a couple of years ago and vichai kept constant contact with him and donated millions to improve the heart units at the hospital as a goodwill gesture.


Him and Aiyawatt were unbelieveably down to earth too theyd be happy to come and say hello before a game and always offered freebies to you, just nice gestures like offering a scarf as a thank you at an away game or giving you £5 each to spend in the concourse etc

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Lovely clip I just saw of Leicester fans at the stadium at the flowers, singing:

"You made us sing this

You made us sing thi-i-i-s

Champions of England

You made us sing this"

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He is a Leicester club legend in game now lads. I'm actually Scottish and a Livingston fan but, like many, during the 2016 campaign I became fond of the club. It definitely strikes me that with all the owners in club football and the varieties you get, he was one of the good uns 

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