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AMC The Walking Dead - Help Needed

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I'd like to start by saying that I'm enjoying the 2019 Beta tactics a lot. The reason being, I actually see the players respond to the tactics much more than in previous versions. It took some trial and error as my previous 2018 tactics needed some tweaking, but I finally got a tactic that gets me somewhat overachieving. The 4-4-2 diamond.


The overall tactic idea; Slow buildup play with lots of short passes and pressing when not in possession. Dominating the midfield and giving the opportune pass to my 2 strikers.


2 Central defenders and 2 full backs on defense duty -> It has done wonders to keep the crosses and subsequent goals in check. The FBs stay back and close down opponents and I rarely have balls fly into empty space behind them. I'd say my defence is ok.

1 no nonsense ball winning DM. As the name suggests. Marks opposition AMCs mainly and falls back when needed. Usually my highest rated players, I assume due to the high none risky pass percentage.

2 Midfielders. This is where it gets tricky. My original aim was to have 2 coriello's, as my full backs didn't venture forward and I wanted my wide play to not be 'non-existent'. It didn't really work out. I didn't find appropriate players and somehow it just created an openning in the middle. Not sure what the problem was, but I dropped it. Essentially I'm going with a CM (mainly because my best player is natural in that position) and a Mezzalla. They dominate the midfield just fine.

2 strikers. Originally I made one a target man, but he always dropped too deep and a single striker was overwhelmed in the box. So I switched to pressing forward and he stays up front more regularly and the occasional error the opponent makes is a nice add-on. The goals are scarce, but due to my defence being rock solid, the results are ok.


So why do I write this? Well here it comes: My AMC is utter rubbish!!!


He usually just zombies around. Constantly the worst rating among all the players. I've tried different players there and different tactics, just to get that role to work. It doesn't. He neither scores nor moves into channels. He doesn't give assists either and his help in dominating midfield is negligable. I even went as far as to watch a full match and what I saw was him constantly running into the defenders, loosing possession and generally just being absolutely useless with only the occassional back pass through the game.

I seldom come to this forum, but I really need help or ideas with this zombie of mine. I know the game is new, but perhaps there is someone that could make an AMC work (I'd prefer not to change the role to another MC or striker if possible). What I'd like to achieve is, to have him play in the space between attack and midfield. Look for the overpass to the two strikers (or if they are tightly marked make the run and shoot). In defense he should act more or less as a CM and chase down any lobbed balls from defenders.


My tactics attached below and any help would be welcome.


PS: Sorry for spelling, english isn't my mother tongue.

4-4-2 Pressure Diamond.fmf

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Hello i gave your tactic a try on my man utd save for a game gotta say i was impressed with it. Your tactic is a lot like the one i have been using but i use a 4132.

I made one change to your tactic i put your cm (a) in the middle and another mezzala where the cm was.

The right mezzala got 3 assists the left mezzala got a goal and the cm (a) which would be your attacking mid got a goal and a 8.3 rating

I will try it for a few more games see how it goes maybe change  to suit my team.


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In all seriousness wait for the full version might be a realistic option since SI have acknowledged AM passing is something being worked on. I get decent results from an AMC as shadow striker but since you've already got two up front that might be overkill. A winger on one side or an extra Mezzala might be useful...

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On 28/10/2018 at 16:13, CoI3aR said:

How is your traning?


None league atm, so none professional training only, as such it doesn't have much impact. Mainly set pieces, match practice and attacking when I have a free spot (due to fixture congestion, it's 1 maximum 2 days a week).

I do have a good attacking coach though.

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