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La Masia Estudientes - Cambridge go Barca


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Ok so I'm onto my 2nd save on the Beta already (3 season stint at St Pauli) and I'm going with my club - Cambridge United. This is where I started last year:

However, instead of Beckball, I'm going to do quite the opposite. We're going all out attacking, possession football with a big focus on youth development. Ultimate aim is to turn Cambridge United into England's answer to Barcelona's La Masia. This is a long term project for sure! I will be using the following rules:

  • Use one of the tiki-taka or vertical tiki-taka presets, adapting player roles. We want to dominate possession and play classy football.
  • Maximum of 3 senior signings (over 21s) per season (HG at club players exempt)
  • Maximum of 5 signings in total per season (HG at club players exempt)
  • HG at club players with 3* potential or more are given game time


Here's how the club looks at the moment. Not much to shout about, a pretty standard League 2 setup.


This is how I've set myself up, true to real life as possible.

Let's go!

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This is how I envisage us setting up. Dominating possession, but looking to get the ball forward in an exciting way.

Key Players


Maris had a great 2017/18 season for the U's and is set to be a key player for the future. An excellent all rounder.


Jevani is a raw talent, just a shame that his randomised determination is 1....other than that he's a class act


Halliday was our best player last season and he's still young.

Clase de 2018 (y antes)

This is the current crop of teenagers that I will be looking to develop. All of these players will get game time this season, especially as we don't have a reserve side.









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After getting a few months into the save I just can't get into it, I think I've overdone Cambridge United and England in general. I do have a new save idea though that I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to!

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