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Someone on here bought some players using the "after 40 league appearences, pay £40 mill" and I used the same thing just to get abit more feel getting better players, so all is good and well.

But does this clause ever go away? or is this clause valid until £40 mill is paid??

Also, can this be adjusted within the editor if i carry on with my demo?

thanks in advance

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Of course it will never go away. Bit of a stupid "cheat" to get players you can't really afford if you ask me. £1 million per match is ridiculas.

If you were just using it ont he demo, it would work a treat to get some of the bigger players in.

But, you're right, if the intention was to carry on the save when the game comes out, then this was a bit short sighted me thinks.

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But the player is never going to make 40 league appearances?

Maybe not in one season - but the clause means "once the player has participated in 40 league matches, then you must pay £40 million."

Hence, even if the player doesn't make 40 appearances for 5 years, once he has made that 40th appearance, the money must be paid.

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