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Most appearences still not appearing!


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This has been an issue since FM16. FM15 was fine on this issue.

Also missing in this same area is most goals for team. Back on FM15 you could go into club and then history and then records. Then when you click on players you could scroll down on the tab and find most appearances. And most goals. It would tell you out of the players you have selected so far which ones had the most goals for the club and appearances etc.

So you could then check to see how far away they was from the Club record for example. I used to love this stat looking at which teams had kept faith with players over the course of my save. And who had built up amazing goal records etc in the save. 


Also on this subject and how in depth the game is now why cant we check the all time appearances for that player at your club? It shows overall appearances in his career but I want to see how many games a player has played for me only or for another team. Any help from SI team or a reason why this was taken out and if it can please please be re added. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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