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[FM17] AFC Ajax | Building A Nation


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AFC Ajax | Building A Nation 


| Introduction

I don't know why, but since I was a kid, I always liked Holland. I don't know if it's because of their colours, the players, but I always felt something for that nation.

As I grew up, I started follow Ajax and today it's my second favorite team, next to Barcelona.

Holland is having a tough time in this last few years, failing the qualification for Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018, so I decided I want to make them great again, and hopefully become the fiercest nation in the world of Football Manager.

I´m gonna start only as Ajax manager and try later become Holland manager.

About Ajax, I love this team, I love their philosophy, and I'll try do the same, bet on youngsters and still play positive football and make them the best team in the world, using only Dutch players. One of the rules that I will set for this save, is that I can only buy Dutch players, if want to make this nation great again, what better way than this?

English is not my native language, so sorry about my confusing texts!




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AFC Ajax | Building A Nation | Pre-Season



We didn't bought anyone, I think the squad is good enough as it is.

The only sell, was Serero to Salzburg and players that I thought wont make it to the first team, were loaned out to Almere City or got their contract terminated.


|The Team

  • Goalkeepers



  • Defenders



  • Midfielders



  • Forwards



| Pre-Season Games


Our pre-season started really bad, but we started to improve as it progressed.

I was actually very happy with our B Team in the 1-1 draw, Their manager was using the tactic I chose for the first team, and they played really well.


|Next Matches


Of all the teams we could get, we get Monaco, the strongest team of the draw. They still have Bernardo Silva and Mbappé, and their team is so much stronger than us, let's see how we perform, but I'm not to confident.

In the league, we have an easy start (at least on the paper), being Groningen the toughest opponent. 

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AFC Ajax | Building A Nation | 2016/2017 - July and August

| Fixtures


In the league, we had a fantastic start, with five wins out of five games, and just one goal conceded.

The Champions League Play-Off, we actually played very well, the only downside of it was our finishing, we were really poor on that department, and Monaco take advantage of that.

Against Rio Ave, we used our reserve team, because I don't care about Europa League, but we went througth to group stage.

| League Table



| September and October


It's gonna be two tough months, and lots of games, I will have to rotate the team.

In Europa League I will use my reserve team, so I can focus on the league. We end October with the derby game against Feyenoord.

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AFC Ajax | Building A Nation | 2016/2017 - September and October

| Fixtures


Another two great months. In the Europa League I'm using my reserve and youth players, to give them some game time, so they can develop, and they are doing a great job.

In the league, we have been fantastic, yet to lose a game. The Feyenoord, we were 3-0, but we lost our concentration and lost an important lead. 


| League Table


There's already a big gap between us and the second place. PSV, fortunately, aren't doing a good season. Feyenoord is yet to lose a game, but are drawing too many games.


| November and December


The biggest and hardest game in the next two months, is against PSV. Vitesse will not be easy too, but if we can maintain our form, I think we will do great.

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