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Preset or Preset Tweaked or Own Tactic

Preset or Preset Tweaked or Own Tactic  

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Not interested in your formation or the style of tactic, you can add in post if you want, but due to so many problems in the beta topic regarding injuries/goals/crossing/set pieces etc, none of which I experienced bar the odd blip, I'm wondering what people are going for.

My first game I tried the prebuilds with a few tweaks but couldn't seem to get it clicking how I wanted, now on my second save have built my own and I am much happier with how it seems to be performing.

EDIT: if you are someone who has had specific issues in game could you say what issues you have and how you voted, for my curiosity please.

Poll closes midnight 2/11/19.

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Currently using a slight variation on the vertical tika taka. I noticed that when I changed the wingbacks to no nonsense fullbacks they will occasionally look to pump the ball over the top of the opponents defence which I quite liked. Seems to add a bit more variation in our attacks. So I might try to have a no nonsense full back on the side my mezzela is and put the mez in attack. And keep the wingback as is on the other side. 

I'm not really sure "how" I want my team to play to be honest. Lol 

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My tactic is totally home grown. All the preset tactics in my opinion have a much bigger array of instructions on them than i typicaly use, i just go with player instructions and the odd team instruction.

Im managing Juventus (which admittedly is not the most challenging save but the squad needs an overhaul and its a good way to get into the new game).

Im using a 4-2-3-1 formation. Bonucci and Chiellni set to centre back with an instruction to take fewer risks.

Pjanic in midfield is a centre midfielder with an instruction to take more risks. He suits a deep lying playmaker but that contains a default instruction not to shoot and i dont want that. He pops up with goals from range so i like central midfielder for him.

Ronaldo plays wide left as an inside forward with two player instructions, to sit narrower and to shoot more. This allows him to link up with Alex Sandro down the left who is set to wing back and told to stay wider, and Dybala who i have put into the shadow striker position but he has no instructions on him.

Douglas Costa is on the other wing, and he is also an inside forward on support with no instructions. Front three playing behind Mandzukic who is a pressing forward on support. Then i use a bog standard keeper, central midfielder on defend whether this be Can or Khedira, and a standard right wing back usually Cancelo.


Balanced mentality, the only team instructions we then use are shorter passes, and whipped crosses. Nothing else.

Transitions, against a weak opponent i counter press, but usually this menu is left blank and it seems to give me a balanced pressing style.

Our defensive line and line of engagement are both standard, and all I add is a slightly more urgent pressing style.


So there are very few team instructions really. I think this is better than pigeon holing your tactic into vertical tiki taka and horizontal tiki taka and diagonal tiki taka or whatever the hell all the arbitrary names for tactics are with all the inbuilt suggestions.


Having said all of that, I accept i am managing an easy team for now

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I'm committing to using only the presets with position and role tweaks to suit the squads I'm using for the duration of the beta.  I want to see how they work compared to the tactics I've used in other editions.  They have a lot more instructions, and many more attack duties, than I've used in the past.  I've used Tiki-Taka, Vertical Tiki-Taka, Gegenpress, Fluid Counterattack and Catenaccio so far - generally feel like VTT and Gegenpress are pretty good, Tiki-Taka not great and deep positional defending is weaker than aggressive front-foot tactics.  Many of the tweaks I've made have involved strengthening the wings and taking central attacking midfielders out, since I haven't found them to be particularly effective so far.

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Using a tweaked version of the Gegenpress preset. One of the flaws I noted on the preset was the Sweeper Keeper in attack mode, because the keeper will actually try to start dribbling opposition forwards without a single reason to do so, and obviously loosing the ball. I like to have a SK, but only in defend or support mode. Also did some other minor changes to fit my taste, like playing much wider and with shorter passing.

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29 minutes ago, FMunderachiever said:

Luka what is your Juventus tactic and how is it performing?

I'm not playing as Juve. I'm playing with ManUtd. Using 4-3-3(or 4-1-4-1 in this years game)..Control posession preset but I changed the roles a bit and mostly I remove shorter passing instruction and play balanced instead of positive against weaker teams. I find with positive mentality and short passing I have lots of possession but have trouble create chances against weak teams.

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The reason I will buy FM19 is the new presets. I just hope I will see in field what the tactic is supposed to be (of course when I have familiarity and the correct players, I will not judge the tactic on friendlies).

I am willing to try all playstyles and I hope the presets are a well thought from SI..

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