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Knap - FM24 and FM23 FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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Knap FM2022 - Google Docs


Cadoni recommended shouts

FM22 Shouts - Encourage (0-0; 20 min mark) - Calm Down (win 1-0 after you scoring) - Demand More (draw) - Praise (win by 2 goals) - Berate (loss by 2 goals



BTN Balanced Early season.fmf19.19 kB · 202 downloads BTN BootCamp.fmf19.18 kB · 191 downloads BTN Complete Training.fmf19.3 kB · 228 downloads BTN Lazy Match Prep 2 Match.fmf19.46 kB · 181 downloads BTN Youth Complete.fmf19.18 kB · 205 downloads

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Thanks alot mate hope your doing well !! i was gonna buy new game FM22 but for some reason in England i cannot download it as its says Europe only on instant download sites !!?? gonna have to think of something else 

20 minutes ago, knap said:


All the tactics will be on google docs, which are in OP for FM21 and FM 22


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3 hours ago, marksmithlfc1234 said:

Anything decent with Newcastle 1st season ? i am trying out the 433's from @knap but laptop os very slow like every year ! LOL

If you go to Detail Level on the menu, you can lower the detail level for International games and some cups, which can help. 

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