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Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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I use a few tactics like TIME with few instructions and DARK SIDE with many as possible. I would say the number instryctions makes no difference between top and bottom cliubs. You could argue that LL need more instrucyions and top players need few as they have more intelligence..

I do tend towards a 442 in LL, but last year I used many different formations to go from bottom to top..

I have added a few moretest results on the main 22.3 tab and maybe try the best under tactic from that list.

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Knap FM2022 - Google Docs


Cadoni recommended shouts

FM22 Shouts - Encourage (0-0; 20 min mark) - Calm Down (win 1-0 after you scoring) - Demand More (draw) - Praise (win by 2 goals) - Berate (loss by 2 goals



BTN Balanced Early season.fmf19.19 kB · 202 downloads BTN BootCamp.fmf19.18 kB · 191 downloads BTN Complete Training.fmf19.3 kB · 228 downloads BTN Lazy Match Prep 2 Match.fmf19.46 kB · 181 downloads BTN Youth Complete.fmf19.18 kB · 205 downloads

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1. Hey, Knap, I have used extremely well ME22.3ECHOESKnap451IFP104ECFA with Everton (as I don't like the fatigue which comes with geggenpress tactics). Now I'm 7 points above the 2nd place with  8 games remaining to play without significant transfers. Everyone has great stats but Richarlison and the LB are quite struggling to have an impact and their average is 6.5-6.7 every game. Don't really care too much as long as the tactic is working, but never tested switching them to W and FB or other things. Could this be a fix for them?

2. Meanwhile I have signed Vignato in an exchange deal I wasn't asking for that was soo good to refuse that I have ignored he was requesting to be played as an AP in AMC role which means I have to play him few games in that role to avoid upsetting him. So, do you have a temporary tactic with that role?

3. On very hard games starting with cautious -> balanced -> positive worked in the most cases but I lost some points using the SUSSP after '75-'80 mark. As I hate parking the bus without a decent threat in this kind of situations, I like more to using counter-attacking and I have imported RDF's instructions from his 4411 lightning found at https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm22-tactics.html?id=8375 as I felt a 451 / 4141 is  safer than 4411 and the results were more acceptable but I still feel the tactic can / should be improved (attached it).



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56 minutes ago, knap said:


I seldom use APs but should have at least 1 tactic with a AP.

Neither do I so I have been forced to find a quick fix.  I had simply customised a vertical tiki-taka 41212 and was high scoring in the 3 games I have used and I was favourite (Leeds, Villa and Watford). Feel free to test / tweak it:



4-1-2-1 Vertical Narrow.fmf

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Top Teams that have a good chance to win league

Sub Teams that have an outside chance of winning league

under Any other teams. or use as an Away tactic

I would generally play with a DM . PREACHIN BLUES 451 HB idoes well in most testing


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On 05/02/2022 at 12:19, the SLC said:

I'm surprised this tactic hasnt had more exposure, its bloody brilliant!!

This is getting rave reviews I just plugged it in for me and I am Leicester and just smashed Liverpool 5 -3 at Anfield . Nice one Knap Now my team and club has higher rep I needed kashmir tactic to blow teams away and its doing it massively.  

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