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Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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Any chance to create something like the attached image?

The idea is for the wingers to do the entire side runner, both defensively and offensively



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1 hour ago, knap said:


Similar looking tactic would be HASHMIR 433


Can you please point me to this tactic? Really unsure which tactic this is being mentioned as "HASHMIR 433" (I'm guessing it might be one of the KASHMIR 433 in the spreadsheet, but which?)

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Hey mate @knap thank you for your awesome work, trying your tactics since fm19, please can we have a tactic 4-5-1 with BBM instead of a CM for 22.3 (like FM22ECHOESKnapVA451IFP103) and if it's possible the same game play as the FM21.7ECHOESKnap442LGP102ECFA of last year thank you in advance

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On 07/01/2022 at 15:40, jimbo1994 said:

if anyone is struggling I'm having great success this so far this season with beowulf 424, in my 4th season and I've tried lots of other tactics and this is bar far most sucessful so far. 

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 15.38.39.png

can you show your team who gets the most goals @jimbo1994

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Does the match engine update automatically?

I've been using a 4-2-3-1 that was smashing it. Went on holiday for 3 weeks (IRL) and doesn't seem to be working as well since coming back.

Have I got to mix things up?

This is my team at the moment, finished 4th then 5th in first two seasons. Reached CL semi's in second season.

Any recommendations/tips?


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I play Mac (on Steam) and can't find the tactics I've  downloaded in game, despite putting them in a 'tactics' folder within the FM22 folders, which I understand is the way to load these. When I go in game and try to load, there's just nothing there.

Is there something I'm doing wrong re uploading the tactics? TIA.

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12 hours ago, jason.fretwell82 said:

I'm finding the last update really hard, these tactics are normally bullet proof but I'm struggling at the minute. what's the best 451 or 4231 please. Cheers Knap much love!

Glad it’s not just me 😅🙈

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It depends on test - the 4123 was also tested with a CA 160 Test Arsenal test CA 165 test and CA 140 Test.

However I've only run a few tactics over those tests, so worth trying the other versions.

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  • knap changed the title to Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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