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FM22 and FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Recommended Tactic List

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One more question. In your opinion - what is better chose in FM22 enginge:
1) tactic with 2 forwards, 2 wingers and 2 mid midfielders (like FM22BEOWULFKnap424IWP99ALLCUPS)
2) tactic with 1 forwards, 2 wingers, 1 attacking midfielder and 2 mid midfielders (like FM22PARISKnapPar1sLVER4231SSIWP110CC)


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13 hours ago, knap said:

ME 22.2

Although similar to above this tactic scored the most goals so far

PARIS 4114 P101 EC

FM22PARISKnapPar1sLVER4114IFP1011EC.fmf 45.15 kB · 63 downloads



With this (and probably other tactics of yours) do you assign corner-taker or do you leave it unassigned? If you assign it, which possition should take the corners?

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Sometimes I assign a taker in the SP but mostly unassigned atm.

It is worth checking the taker in case there is no cover at the back for counters..

Current best set up is Tall GK at near post but with MU could try CR.


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I am 2nd season in the prem on a network save, won league 1st season but struggling a little this season with consistency, what tactic would you say is best for a top 3 prem team for both playing the majority and for the few games vs the likes of Man United who are levels above with Mbappe etc who i seem to struggle vs atm


Don't worry about replying, I read back and seen someone ask something similar

I've impoved the 1st team a fair bit, mostly defensively and midfield improvements, Pau Torres, Bastoni, Milinkovic Savic and Bennacer and Raphina, lost 6-1 away to my pal at united desite beating him 5-1 at home myself, can't seem to get the edge on him at all.

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On 01/12/2021 at 02:14, zeus-vip said:


hello, my teams are conceding a lot of goals in the final moments of the matches, any suggestions? sorry my english

Then shut up shop if you are holding a slim lead and under attack.. Pause game.


Pull midfield tight to defence - E.g Both Centre mids dropping to DM or even 3 DM

Force the opposition to go outside to try get in the box

Could also drop another person into DC and pack your goal area


Plenty of ways to shut it up.. For me it's usually drop Midfielder deep and lower the defensive line and set my defence as no nonsense.. Just clear the lines.

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Knap FM2022 - Google Docs


Cadoni recommended shouts

FM22 Shouts - Encourage (0-0; 20 min mark) - Calm Down (win 1-0 after you scoring) - Demand More (draw) - Praise (win by 2 goals) - Berate (loss by 2 goals



BTN Balanced Early season.fmf19.19 kB · 202 downloads BTN BootCamp.fmf19.18 kB · 191 downloads BTN Complete Training.fmf19.3 kB · 228 downloads BTN Lazy Match Prep 2 Match.fmf19.46 kB · 181 downloads BTN Youth Complete.fmf19.18 kB · 205 downloads

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I tried so many different tactics but none seem to wokr consistent. I usualy play unemployed and try to work my way up. I have 3 saves. One with the Portland Timber in the MLS, 1 with Feyenoord (subtop Dutch league) and one in the lower leagues in the UK. These tactics seem fine when you have great players or teams. Any advise?

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I did some simulated games with the tactic " FM22PreachinBluesKnapLVercettiHB451HB". Looks good

RKC was predicted 16th



Atalanta was predicted 4th



St. Etienne was predicted 8th


Stuttgart was predicted 11th



Sunderland was predicted 6th


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36 minutes ago, stian said:

Not a tactic question,and maybe a really stupid question - but how do i import training schedule, and actually use them? Found some scheduels i really want try out, but cant figure out how to import/use them.

It is in Dutch but i guess you find it. Training -> Schemes 


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This was posted by Yphex on HUB Discord and may be worth a try or check out Villa or Brentford recommendations

I think I might have actually found my Knap-Tactic super set. I use Paris4231 with IWs as my main tactic, the Preachin Blues 451 with attacking WBs against all narrow formations with 3 at back, and the ARGUS 3412 against 442 formations.

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VILLA Test results



Paris IWBs
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On 03/12/2021 at 11:13, knap said:


Maybe worth comparing to GOODBYE 451

So i did another simulated one with the Goodbye 451

RKC predicted 17th and finished 4rd. Compared to FM22PreachinBluesKnapLVercettiHB451HB it is about the same. Lost 4 matches less. 



Atalanta was predicted 4th and won the league. About the same. 1 place hight but no real big difference


St. Etienne was predicted 10th. No real difference again


Vfb Stuttgart was predicted 10th and did nice


Sunderland was predicted 3rd and won the league. Here were some major improvements when it comes to won games and  goal difference


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