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FM22 and FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Recommended Tactic List

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Check PPMs as top players tend to have cut in from wing ppm.

I would also experiment and I also change them during a match so I never really have a hard and fast rule.

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As far as I know all tactics still work, but the AI may have been improved. As a top team tactic a 424 should be good but for weaker teams may be too open in its present set up.

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This is the tactic I'm using now and getting fantastic results top notch stuff knap but one question,

What kind of defenders would you recommend here? I've noticed we struggle sometimes but with the attacking nature of the tactic we usually out-score the opponent. 

Cheers m8

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Hi Knap,

I have been following your tactics from years, thanks for the work.

I tried to combine this Beowulf tactic with the Goodbye 3412, I took one of the central attackers to the Dc position. I would like to combine the defensive strenght of the 3 central backs to the good attacking quality of the AML and AMR. 

Seems a good deal for now, testing out with Genoa and Spurs, less goals conceded compared to Beowulf but also less goals scored. Can you tweak it for me? Are you working on something similar?




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I have a couple of tactics from Beta 41122 and 42022 which add at least 1 dm to Beowulf. Using a DM is looking a good way forward  I will look at a back 3 with a DM , however, mixing the 2 during a game is another alternative.

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My last game in the Europa Cup Group stage. Finished 1st in the group (Zenit, Bordeaux, Rapid Vienna), currently 3rd in the league, but given the players I have the results are close to a miracle. Great tactic.

PS Knap do you also go by Knappa?


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Hi Knap!


Good tactic, unbeaten in pl so far (29-5-0) and the cl finale is just around the corner.  Despite this, i find myself annoyed. The reason :

top scorer: salah , 15 goals in all comp (38 matches)

Top rating: clyne: 7.62 (3!!! players over 7,50)


I miss having strikers bang 40 + and the ratings from 7.5 and up for the whole team and sometimes win by 4 or 5, not like now where 2-0 and 2-1 is a sure outcome


is it only me? :)


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3 minutes ago, knap said:

The problem is finding the right positions for Eriksen and Alli.  I had my best season in Beta using PILGRIMAGE 451 which is maybe a better fit.

Yeah same problem here.  Where would you play them on your Pilgrimage ?  I see you put a screenshot up of your layout in the Pilgrimage thread.  Eriksen as MEZ and Alli on the left ?

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