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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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Pretty average season with BvB with PARISIENNE WALKWAYS 4231 P101 CC. Undefeated in Bundesliga + UCL.





As you can see, I made 2 transfers (Ahmedhodzic during the summer and Szoboszlai during the winter in place of Emre Can). The main problem is my wingers who really underperform, mainly Sancho (25 Apps 4 Goals 5 Assists 6.88 in bundesliga). Anny suggestion ? Do I need to play Sancho Left ? Do I need another tactic with IF/IW ?

Otherwise, I'm looking for a big signing left footed winger. I think about Foden but i don't know if he can suit really to a winger position instead of CM. Any feedback ?

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I am really struggling to find out which tactic best facilitates my Hertha BSC players. I dislike no striker tactics, but they seem to be the best. One midfielder in the middle is not too much fun, either. Really hit and miss with the tactics at the moment.

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On 16/04/2021 at 13:38, psvpingu said:

Thanks mate, Pilgrimage 4132 top of Mr L's test looks good and close to my current formation so will cause least disruption so will try that :)

(Fm20) Pilgrimage 4132 is amazing, I'm in 2038 and used warrior to great effect but this creates so many more chances since I switched

Kashmir 4141 seems to have stopped working against big teams and I'm getting thrashed by the top teams in the Prem, weird as it's worked brilliantly in the past, may have to try something else or tweak it

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Started a new save with Hibernian with 3-4 players changed for balance in the squad. My main tactic is Kashmir2323AFP104EC with the only tweak being I dropped CWB back to normal position and changed CM to AP and so far scoring for fun. My 2nd tactic is Echoes442SHP105EC, I wanted a 2nd tactic that was still a threat without being too defensive and I can drop one of the strikers down to AM if I need the extra man in midfield.

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I would use a defensive formation Warrior or Kashmir 4141 or the 442, but use a lower mentality like cautious to start games especially away games.. Could also try taking off counter press.

I made a tactic called Doombar that is not full on,.

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Just ask for an invite


Weighted attributes Pdf

Attribute_Weights.pdf.pdf35.17 kB · 59 downloads

Filters from The Prof

filters_110854 (1).zip182.39 kB · 25 downloads


You can use results in a few ways.

Top covers say top 5 Clubs in Division Mid the next 7 and then under dog.

Just use totals as an all round tactic.

Use best top at home and best underdog away or difficult games.

You can mix and match with your preferred formations.

It is just a guide to help identify right tactic.


With regard to Away games it depends upon your own risk factor. I am gung ho and prefer to attack and perhaps win 1 game in 3. If isk adverse then use a defensive tactic and perhaps draw all 3 games.

As a defensive formation I would use 4141 as it has a DM and protects wings, and KINGSTONIAN 4141 would be my choice.

I use 3 DLs std higher much higher. If AI are going for balls over top then std but if AI attacking you can leave at higher ormuch higher. 

The LOE can be adjusted with or without DL adjustments. The simple answer is just drop LOE..

I use Cautious positive and attacking mentalities.

For a SUS these are ideas to use.

Use 4141 formation

Remove pass into space

Stop WB runs by go

ing to defend or no nonsense FB

Use Defend on DM or most defensive MC

Change mentality Positive/cautious

Add Time wasting

Change from counter press and counter and full SUS would be to regroup and hold shape

I tend to judge what to use by how the game is progressing as you may just to want to control game rather than a full SU


Calm Down (win by 1 goal diff) -

Praise (win by 2 goal diff) -

Berate (loss by 2 goal diff) -

Demand More (loss by 1 goal diff or draw)


(39) THE ONLY Training Schedules YOU will need for Football Manager 2021 - YouTube

MARTINHO Guide to set up for Clubs especially Newcastle



New_Game_2 (1).pdf 322.53 kB · 27 downloads






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1 hour ago, knap said:


Even winning 9-1 there are a2 non green ratings

@knap Yeah man. The tactics is amazing. Solid defensively. I wonder how good it will get when the players get familiar with it. Big ups man

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On 15/04/2021 at 16:18, Neko Alon said:

I apologize for the english. Can you advise tactics for weak teams? Which one are you using? 
It's cool to win for Liverpool. But I don't play for such teams. Tried 3 tactics from the doc. 
They are destroying me. I lost 6 - 1. If anyone shares their experience, what tactics they use for a weak team, I will be very grateful


Join the discord, theres tests with multiple teams not just top teams. 


You can chat with people about whats working. 



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