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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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Can anyone explain to me what the "Results" column in the google docs represent. There are 4 columns called Top, Mid, Underdog and Total and for each tactic they are given numbers. What do the numbers mean?

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On 02/04/2021 at 22:09, caveman said:

We are only 3 people. The rest of the teams are the CPU

which team?
i thought the same, then i switched to 424 and now ez wins also against humans.

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@Kiss The Rain

There are 3 exactly the same test leagues, each with a top mid under test team

All teams are frozen using FMRTE, and in total there are nearly 300 games. so close to 7 seasons of tests.

It is all based on pts and the higher the pts, in theory the better the tactic under test conditions.

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51 minutes ago, etelpmoc said:

What is the most successful tactic for fm21? Any suggestions?


I've tested tactics with Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and West Brom. So far, the best is the Inquisitor (v. 1). But I haven't tested all of Knapp's tactics yet.
PILGRIMAGE 4330 works very well with strong teams, but does not work well with outsiders. West Brom finished 17th in the season. But Arsenal and Liverpool were the first.

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Posted (edited)


Are you using fast strikers as the SSs

Also you can't really holiday test with many teams as the AM pick will be all wrong.

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Opposition Instructions, where do we all stand on using those in FM21?

A couple of years ago Knap recommended NOT using them as they could weaken the tactic as it could result in players going against their positional instructions.  Then last year man-marking seemed to be huge (not that I was a fan personally).

It would be interesting to hear what people are doing this year.  If you are using them does it seem to effect the tactics?

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On 01/04/2021 at 21:03, Kenty7 said:

@NandaldiaN it's a fair challenge, but didn't have those players in year 1 or 2, it's my third year in fairness rather than 2nd. And I just beat Utd 2-1 to win the league :-D Also into the CL final, no idea how, Inter should have battered me, Liverpool in the semi's I was convinced I was out and got a right freak result, tanked them.

  • Moukoko was free - First time I've ever signed him, he's been OK, but playing as a right winger so not natural for him
  • Almada was £10m, bought him in year one on a staggered deal
  • Demir £22m (he was most of my budget the year I got promoted) but again, staggered payments
  • Worth noting Cyrus Christie has 46 appearances this year (free), in the original squad
  • Lorius Karius (also free) has 49 to date
  • Chris Mepham (£20m staggered & a P/X of a youngster) from Bournemouth has 44
  • Chukwueze was £5.75m and listed, wanted to leave Villareal, was on loan at Crystal Palace last year.
  • Brennan Johnson has 10 starts and 17 from the bench from the original squad
  • Curtis Jones is on loan and easily my best player
  • Joe Worrall 34 appearances from the original squad
  • Scott McKenna made 28 appearances before I sold him for £7m, needed to make ends meet, from the original squad
  • Lolley, Freeman, Ribeiro, Soh, Carvalho are all original squad members and all have 10 or more appearances.

Forest promoted usually get about £35m to spend, then it's down to what you can raise and the deals you make. One of the reasons I like the save is they have "decent" money, a good fanbase that can be grown in later years and a board that generally invest. I like to play for the finances as well as the football, get a kick from staggering payments and using prize money to keep the money levelled off, hopefully with a few wonderkids I can start to make money in the latter years and/or sell 1 or 2 for big bucks.

Plus all my deals are staggered over 3 years, always, never pay up front! Fair point the team is improved, you're right there, but not that good, no way I should have won the prem, the tactic is definitely playing a big part.



I run my ship very similar with Cardiff. They usually get £35-40m plus anything from sales. However I tend to pick up on a free at season end anyone that's willing to join me then sell off at end of following season for the profit. Usually my investments go into yth players. I'm now about 7 seasons in on my latest save and showing a healthy balance of £500m +.. It helped that I bagged Moukoko on a free and sold 4 years later for £160m to Bayern (Now managed by Klopp).. Took a massive gamble on that sale as I only had one other striker at club other than a youth player but managed to snag a wonderkid from Barca after they never gave him a new contract! Currently swatting away bid after bid for him of £150m + from Juve/Madrid/Liverpool/Utd and can you believe it.. Barca trying to re-sign him!! No chance they'll get him. He's tied down for 5 more years.

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7 hours ago, knap said:

That first goal is typical Liverpool against me.. Long balls down the wings from Trent or Robbo.. Salah/Mane rampaging past my statuesque fullbacks and either a screamer into top corner or rolled across for simple tap in for the opposite winger..

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