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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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48 minutes ago, knap said:

Brilliant stuff and Brilliant winning goal in the video! Thanks for the thread mention Knap!

If anyone uses this for more then one season let us know how it went in the second season and if you had more, less or the same possession and passes completed then in the season before.

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What do the points in top/mid/underdog results in the spreadsheet mean? I assume the higher the better, but based on what? GD, points, something else? It's not described anywhere.

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Hi, please answer, when you conduct tests of tactics, do you check the box to use the selected composition if possible? When I do this, these 11 players die and the assistant does not rotate the squad at all, but if I do not do this, then the players will play in positions that are not suitable for their skills. How to do it correctly? Sorry for my English, it's a Google translator.

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

Thank you @knap for those great tactics.

I have 2 questions.

1. You've said that logn throw ins are not effective anymore with 21.7. Which tactics have change the long throw ins routine? 

2. Any schedule program suggestion? I use RDF but many of my players complain about the lack of intense training.



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Apart from the couple of Ehoe tactics, all newer tactics use mixed.

Cadoni training or Bust the Net.

Cadoni is on discord if you have training questions.

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For later tactics on google docs there is also a link on the formation to show the detailed set up.

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@knap I like to take low league teams and climb, but with the new ME I'm having a harder time than usual. Your Warrior 4420 with best test score simply doesn't work or me. Could you kindly suggest 2-3 tactics you think would achieve back to back promotions for true underdogs, or at least close to? 

Cheers mate, love your work. 

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Posted (edited)


I would probably use the updated versions of the tactics on lower league tab.

With Dulwich Hamlet using the Warrior or Kashmir tactics I could holiday, just using DOF for transfers, from VNS to European place in PL, although it takes many seasons.

Back to back relies a lot more on better transfers and loans but the tactics should hold, as underdogs for many seasons.

With 4420 you do need 2 fast strikers.

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8 hours ago, knap said:


Long testing shows strikerless to be top tactics.

Other testing


Hi Sir Knap, does 21.7 long throw method still working? I read somewhere that it is no longer effective anymore? Is it true sir? 

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It was in 21.7 patch notes.

You can try for yourself.

The first few Echoes tactics I tried out various ideas. LG - Long throw  SH Short MX Mixed.

I was not a fan of long throws so happy to change to mixed.

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Posted (edited)


Just ask for an invite


Weighted attributes Pdf

Attribute_Weights.pdf.pdf35.17 kB · 59 downloads

Filters from The Prof

filters_110854 (1).zip182.39 kB · 25 downloads


You can use results in a few ways.

Top covers say top 5 Clubs in Division Mid the next 7 and then under dog.

Just use totals as an all round tactic.

Use best top at home and best underdog away or difficult games.

You can mix and match with your preferred formations.

It is just a guide to help identify right tactic.


With regard to Away games it depends upon your own risk factor. I am gung ho and prefer to attack and perhaps win 1 game in 3. If isk adverse then use a defensive tactic and perhaps draw all 3 games.

As a defensive formation I would use 4141 as it has a DM and protects wings, and KINGSTONIAN 4141 would be my choice.

I use 3 DLs std higher much higher. If AI are going for balls over top then std but if AI attacking you can leave at higher ormuch higher. 

The LOE can be adjusted with or without DL adjustments. The simple answer is just drop LOE..

I use Cautious positive and attacking mentalities.

For a SUS these are ideas to use.

Use 4141 formation

Remove pass into space

Stop WB runs by go

ing to defend or no nonsense FB

Use Defend on DM or most defensive MC

Change mentality Positive/cautious

Add Time wasting

Change from counter press and counter and full SUS would be to regroup and hold shape

I tend to judge what to use by how the game is progressing as you may just to want to control game rather than a full SU


Calm Down (win by 1 goal diff) -

Praise (win by 2 goal diff) -

Berate (loss by 2 goal diff) -

Demand More (loss by 1 goal diff or draw)


(39) THE ONLY Training Schedules YOU will need for Football Manager 2021 - YouTube

MARTINHO Guide to set up for Clubs especially Newcastle



New_Game_2 (1).pdf 322.53 kB · 27 downloads






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@knap  do you think its possible to make a 4-3-3 dm wide strikerless? would it be effective in your opinion? I believe thats the only setup missing in the strikerless series.

It would look like this (roles are just indicative not necessarily the right ones for the tactic):

W      AM      W

      CM CM




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Appreciate all your hard work Knap.

Looking to start my first save (probably Sunderland) and looking to use 4-4-2 with your following tactics, this will allow me use the same players for each tactic, without trying to sign specialist for certain positions.

Main Tactic / Home / Favourite: WARRIOR 442 P110 EC

Alternative to above if AI adapts:  BEOWULF 442 W AF MX P106 EC FA

Underdog / Away: WARRIOR 4141 P104 EC FA or KASHMIR 4141 P105

Does this make sense or would you recommend something else to swap with.


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