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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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I just explore what can de done. I am unaware of any specific reason to use different set ups

For eaample no PIs may work better for top players that can use their talent and play the position in LL they have to be told what do and restrict their options.

When I test in LL I would say the same work just as well as with Lpool. Many will tell you to keep it simple and I would give same advice if anyone was setting up a tacti but it is not necessary.

If you take a 3rd with West Brom with a top team tactic like PARISIENNE then it is not easy to say work will work .

It is usually only when good long testing takes place that the tactics can be pigeon holed.

Not sure many are interested in tactic names and the set up behind them.



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5 hours ago, DavyDepuydt1 said:

@knap I've asked it last week and nobody replied, but another guy asked it two days ago and SI replied :)


"The game uses the match tactics selected. There's no change to roles or mentality, as there is Match Plans for that purpose. "

find it hard to believe this. something must be different as i win so much more when i holiday than when playing myself

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Is it just me or has this patch just completely shagged the game? Reminds me of the one on FM20 around Christmas that meant you'd never score a 1v1

No matter which tactic I use we (Hearts and Stockport, both first season) barely score a goal a game if I play them. If I instant result the matches, however, we win 4-0 or 5-0, it's utterly bizarre. 


Feel like pure **** just want HGF P105 back :P 

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It was tested i n FM 16 and IR was better than Holiday. You should get the best results playing the game.. Maybe tri IR.

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@knap i believe this may have changed since FM16, when the AM clearly changed role duties when holidaying. Now in FMT i don't see any difference in results (tactic performance) between IR & holiday and full fat holiday

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With holiday you can go back and watch the game. Not sure you can do that with IR

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34 minutes ago, knap said:

FM 21.4 ME


FM21.4PILGRIMAGEKnap4141P105EC.fmf 45.11 kB · 11 downloads




Is this your latest/best tactic for FM and the newest update?

I am gonna have a go with FC Midtjylland, but i really need som experience and a tactic that could work?

Which roles do you train each position?

Left foot for left wing or?

Any special or good abiliies would be good for the different players?

Thanks in advance.


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7 minutes ago, knap said:


Warrior 442 p104 is current top tactic.

AM takes training.


Is there anywere that i can read more about that tactics? 

Preferred players
preferred stats etc

Thanks in advance


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I have been using AM recommended OI's with Parisienne and in my estimation it has improved the defense quite a bit. I started doing this after somebody on Youtube said that SI had stated that "OI's are very important in the match engine". I never tracked down the source of that off-hand comment, but it has worked very well for me as RC Lens in Ligue 1, as I've been best or second best in xG against for 1.5 seasons.

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6 minutes ago, drhay53 said:

He estado usando los OI recomendados por AM con Parisienne y, en mi opinión, ha mejorado bastante la defensa. Empecé a hacer esto después de que alguien en Youtube dijera que SI había dicho que "las OI son muy importantes en el motor de partidos". Nunca encontré la fuente de ese comentario improvisado, pero me ha funcionado muy bien como RC Lens en la Ligue 1, ya que he sido el mejor o el segundo mejor en xG durante 1.5 temporadas.

What are the oi and the am? Ty

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1 minute ago, Zeze said:

What are the oi and the am? Ty

I just use whatever is suggested during the pre-match tactical meeting, or anything that pops up in the dugout during the game. Except I ignore any suggestions to use specific man-marking on a player.

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6 minutes ago, drhay53 said:

Solo uso lo que se sugiera durante la reunión táctica previa al partido, o cualquier cosa que aparezca en el dugout durante el juego. Excepto que ignoro cualquier sugerencia para usar marcas de hombre específicas en un jugador.

Thank you so much

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@knap Hi, after hours testing, this is the only  5-star potential tactic (without MENTALITY and POSSESSION set up) I'v got. 

Any suggestion on MENTALITY and POSSESSION set up?








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Good Morning @knap I've just started a Ferguson Challenge and ended up with Aston Villa. Decent first XI, but lacking with cover/quality up front so need to rely heavily on Ollie Watkins for the rest of the season. Can you recommend a 1 up top formation for a team predicted to fight relegation? 



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23 hours ago, knap said:


BEOWULF is usually a 442 mid passing and tempo 442

PREACHIN usually 451

BLUE MATTER Usually 433

KASHMIR Very attacking type tactics usually 433


TIME No PIs used on outfield players

DARK SIDE Maximum PIs and many TIs

GOODBYE Minimum TI s

HGF Usually very high tempo short passing

VENOM High tempo short passing

ROUTE 66 Very Direct passing

MAD AS A HATTER Very attacking formation

STARGAZING Uses Hit earl crosses

PILGRIMAGE Usually 4141

WARRIOR Based from VOL Attack

RUN LIKE HELL Outfield players on roam

ARGUS Usually 3 at Back

Most can morph into different formations or different instructions

@knap so much thank you for your efforts, really!

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I've been setting up filters, not had chance to test them. Otherer tests are being carried out but go fo pace acceleration and finishing.. You need to tweak and tone them down for lesser leagues.

ST Knap.fmf

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On 26/12/2020 at 20:41, Jamieac said:

Last season I was all over the place trying to find a tactic that worked for me.

This season I stuck with FM21PARISIENNEWALKWAY Winger version the whole season. Predicted 7th


My young 17 Year old striker was also Top goalscorer with 40 League goals. 

Strikerless looks interesting right now, but playing in the lower leagues I think I will stick to a more traditional setup and see how far I can take it



Update, Back to back promotions!


My now 18 Year old striker still tearing it up


Saw the West Brom save with the same tactic coming 3rd in PL on positive mentality.

I have been experimenting with different mentalities in game but maybe I will start with positive.

I was using it when I felt the play was too rushed and they do seem to make better decisions on positive, but I was cautious that it might blunt the attack too much with most players on support.

Thanks Again @knap

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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