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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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6 hours ago, knap said:



I test with many teams and test leagues, but Lpool is my set up test.

I would try the Venom I mentioned or PILFRIMAGE 4132.

Top tactic atm is PB 451 followed by DARK Salah version.

Ain't kashmir highest scoring  points atm??? @knap

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27 minutes ago, christrott79 said:

Is it me or are player ratings massively down this year, only getting 2 or 3 players able to get a 7.0 or above at end of season!?

Would very much appreciate you having a look at a tactic for Spurs @knap, I am tearing my hair out!

It's a very much known bug now that's been largely ignored or not commented on by SI.

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Sub Top Test - Holiday all season - Everything done by AM. 


Middlesbrough - Media Prediction 10th. 

I see a lot of people asking for tests with teams other than Liverpool, I think the championship is one of the toughest leagues. I have picked the most popular shapes in my opinion. There's screenshots of the AM best team and the league standings. Everyone got promoted either automatically or through playoffs. 

There's also a screenshot of a table summary of results. 


Thanks for your work @knap Happy to test any future 4231 formations :) 


FM21.4HOLYGHOSTFIRE Knap4312NP106ALLCUPS - Most goals by a mile, both strikers bagging 30 goals and the CAM has great ratings. Good if you have good central players. 

FM21.4PREACHINBLUES Knap451P103FA - Roberts got injured for 6 months so not sure how much that affected the test, but Akpom picked up the slack scoring 39 goals. Would have worked better with better wingers. 

FM21.4PARISIENNEWALKWAYS KnapPar1s4231IFP103ECCC - My favourite formation, CAMs seem to be really effective again and i love inside forwards. Great cup run, loosing in the semis to Chelsea on pens and Liverpool in the FA cup Quarters. Gives great balance, lost the least games with great goal difference. 



451 - 94 Squad.PNG

451 - 94 Table.PNG

4231 - 94 Squad.PNG

4231 - 94 Table.PNG

4312 103 Table.png

4312 - 103 Squad.png

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Early season tests with DARK 4312 (Salah version) as a newly promoted side in brazilian Serie A. Away cup game against a bigger club:


Salah  Paulo Vyctor edition:


Wide diamonds/4312 still working better than all other formations for me.

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18 hours ago, knap said:

Hello knap, thank you for your good work, your tactics are awesome.


I play with the "FM21BEOWULFKnapCrusho4231PRMDP105ALLCUPS" (ME21.3) since the begginning of the career with Olympique Lyonnais, I downloaded the new BEOWULF4231RMD tactic you posted yesterday (the one I quoted), is it exactly the same ?

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21 minutes ago, cfwhittle said:

Hi knap! Which tactic would you choose for a Championship team i.e. Brentford? Cheers

I used Holy Ghost Fire 451 P99 with them. Became second with 103 points, only one point behind Bournemouth.
Best attack, best defence, least matches lost.


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On 26/12/2020 at 10:40, knap said:

FM 21.4 ME


FM21.4HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap4312NP106ALLCUPS.fmf 45.38 kB · 516 downloads



Hello Knap, could you post a ss of team instructions as I'm on fmtouch with pad,  I would like to test this one with Arsenal.. cheers bud 


My bad I just see the instructions on the side now.. still lost in fm17 😁

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The links from my YT Vids will go to a detailed vid with tests with other teams


@LVercetti has carried out tests above.

With Kingstonian the Away tactic and Mad work well.

Still early days for testing in 21.4

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12 hours ago, agreed said:

Does everyone let their AM handle all the training? Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but my results seem a lot better when I was using a downloaded schedule. Curious on everyone's thoughts

AM does no match prep so you will always get better results either adding match prep yourself to AM training, or using downloaded schedules (which generally always include match prep)

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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