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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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12 hours ago, knap said:


Good move.

442 is fine not tried 424 if.

Bit the bullet after the season finished and got the update. Tactic from FM20 still works well going forward but now more leaky at the back, maybe to be expected from an attacking 4-2-4 but any advice for any tweaks to make after the new patch? I'm getting deja vu with FM20 that every patch released changes the M.E constantly making  the game harder, with opposition more clinical and seemingly more RNG added also. Getting fed up with it to be honest. Thanks for your work Knap :thup:

FM20 Knap Beowulf 4-2-4 IF.fmf

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23 hours ago, knap said:

Thanks For your hard work Knap! 


Out of all the 4-2-3-1 Tactics this seems the best for me. Yet to try the one using IF instead of wingers. 


Sporting Holiday Test, nothing changed, no transfers, Using RDF training schedules, everything else left to staff. 


I have started using it in my main save with Leipzig and changed the mentality cautious which seems to be working really well (minus the Liverpool result :S)


Things I have learnt. 

- It seems to take a while longer than FM20 for your players to click with a formation. 

- Playing attacking seems to leave me very open for counter attacks (positive and cautious seem to work better with RB) 

- This version concedes less than the previous 4231 with RMDs in my experience

- a quick striker seems to do really well. 


Before this tactic was released i was using  SICILIAN 4231 DM WP P107 ALL CUPS which also seemed to work really well. Not sure if thats something that might be easy to tweak for the new game. :)


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4 minutes ago, knap said:



Did not realise a FM 20 Tactic, no wonder I could not find it.

It is but worked so well for me since the beta, so good going forward. Any luck with any tweaks? i'm sticking with it at the minute but definitely more leaky after latest patch :thup:

Tried using the RMD one before but left and right wingers always performed better for me as IF

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Hi Knap thank you for the work you do for your tactics 😄 I start playing on the FMT this year and I would like to ask you some questions 🙂 what training you use for general and individual training? How do you choose your players? You let the assistant choose or is it you? Do you use rest between games? You play games or simulate games? Could you make a video of your game over a week or two? Thank you for your answers 🙂

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Hi, I've been using the Venom & Faith KnapRobert tweak with great effect with my Watford side. We're now fighting for a Champion's League spot in our second season. Really appreciate your great work. Any idea if it's still working after the update? If not, what's the best alternative for an underdog punching above their weight?

Many thanks!!

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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