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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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8 minutes ago, knap said:


Links should be on MR L Test tab

SUS sort main tab foe 0 Pts

WARRIOR 4132 MR L Test P352 (191-161)

This one mate? I use Instant Result so no point me having a SUS tactic? I know results aint as good when using IR i just do it to save time and speed up seasons

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  • FM 20.4 and 20.3 me 2040  Tactics  (includes FM 20.2 Beta tactics and FM 20.2.4)



Because I test with top, the pts total in tactic name will give an idea of what is best for top club, Top Clubs should be able to use all of the tactics.

Can also use Top and Sub Top a Home Tactic Underdog Away or

Top Favourite Sub Top Evens Underdog if Underdog




New_Game_2 (1).pdf 322.53 kB · 27 downloads
























Demand More when we are winning by 1 goal.

Show Some Passion when we are back at score.

Praise when winning 2 or more goals.


MRr Hough recommended shouts

Use shouts Show Some Passion and Demand More. Also concentrate if leading by a few goals

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4 ore fa, RDF Tactics ha scritto:



FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132P100ECCC.fmf 45 kb · 34 downloads FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132IW.fmf 45 kb · 31 downloads


used IW version ONLY against top 6 (Barcelona, R. Madrid, A. Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and A. Bilbao)

When using IW version did you keep left footed winger on the left and the same on the right? I see Januzaj was on the left side against Real and Barca

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7 ore fa, alfarock ha scritto:

Hello everyone, i never post here because my English is not good. Usually i was just lurking and enjoying all of the conversation and information from you guys.

This is my first post here because i want to really appreciate Knap's work. 

I just wanna share my favorite Knap's tactic on my Juve Stabia save, FIRE AND WATER  P105 ALL CUPS and VENOM & FAITH 4411 SP OI MM 107 ALL CUPS with a little tweak for big game away

566265876_tacticfirewater.thumb.png.db529b33763d6c775a7063cfa5b82ec8.png  venom.thumb.png.a3ae413060dc4037872ea76c6073c909.png

I use these two tactics because it has 4411 shape that fits my team composition. My strongest player, Mandragora (DLP), Hans Nicolousi (W), and Almada (AM) also perform well with this shape and role.

I'm on fifth season on this Juve Stabia save. I have tried almost all tactic variants and these two tactic are the most consistent for my team.  

First season in Serie B was a breeze even with my garbage squad. Second season in Serie A, I finish 2nd after Juventus with Sub par squad, Third, fourth and fifth season my team dominated Serie A and win UCL 2 times.

Between these three season i changed and experimented with tactic a lot. Because most of the team in Serie A became very defensive against my team. Usually i try kashmir 433, but it is very inconsistent because my squad is not elite.  FIRE AND WATER  P105 ALL CUPS  is still the most consistent tactic against these team, with tweak in match like drop LOE, remove WIB, remove overlaps, etc.

Against big team, especially away, i use VENOM & FAITH 4411 SP OI MM 107 ALL CUPS , Sometimes i tweak CM to BBM and one or both winger to support, and remove all of the PI except iwb. Sometimes i use the original. I also tend to turn on "play for set pieces" sometimes.

Most of the time i never use OI against weaker team. Against big team, i tend to use OI: mark tight and tackle hard DL, DR. I tick all OI for DM/DLP. The rest is situational. Sometimes i use MM too, thanks to Rober guide. But i dont overdo it. 

Training: I leave it to my assistant.

Briefing: Skip. 

Never holiday, never instant result.

Shout demand more every 10 minute lol, unless my team ahead by 2 goal. 

Always praise PoTM, praise player who train well, critize bad form (3 consecutive poor match rating), critize striker who doesnt score in 2 consecutive match. 

For transfer, idk, i tend to find player with high teamwork and workrate. and most importantly fits the roles on these tactic.

Here's my season summary, my squad (almost all my squad perform well), and my results on fifth season.



season.thumb.png.47aa01cd1ce696e732ec1850d0c46710.png  squad.thumb.png.901ce16b82937b7053b357b93b6a687e.png


1582461634_fixture1.thumb.png.3d9c19193a366ad512c148f294ac6126.png   1276509372_fixture2.thumb.png.8904aa3da12974ef937d94b8006c9e3a.png

I've lost to 3-0 to Roma because i experimented with my own tactic and play almost all my young regen since i've already won the Scudetto  ^_^

Next season, i want to create my own tactic from scratch based on my experience with Knap's tactic. 

Thanks Knap, you're my inspiration.


TL;DR : I use FIRE AND WATER  P105 ALL CUPS  and VENOM & FAITH 4411 SP OI MM 107 ALL CUPS and alternate between these two for my crappy underdog team to dominate Italy and Europe. I'm still using it with my considered SUB-TOP team until now.   

342684365_!!!!FM20.4.0FireandWater4411P105ALLCUPS.fmf 45 kb · 18 downloads

45178637_!!!!!FM20.4.1VenomFaithKnap4411SPOIMMP107ALLCUPS.fmf 45 kb · 16 downloads





This is a very interesting post explaining how to face different games / situations and not just expect the tactic to win itself the games. 

I'd like to send a pm, are you italian? 

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49 minutes ago, smlrch1892 said:

Hey man - can I ask what you mean buy SUS sort main tab for 0 pts? 

Also what do you mean by ready made SUS?

1) was just one way of locating the SUS tactics link as it doesn't have a points tally next to it I guess

The link is here anyway...

2) ready (previously) made Shut Up Shop (SUS) tactic is a 4-1-4-1 formation to go with the 4-1-4-1 he was recommended to use away from home


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8 minutes ago, knap said:


The ME is still 2040 which can be checked via game status.

Ok nice, i got it, thank you!

So any at that tab with "yes" at the underdog column?

E.g. this one (that has AMR/L which i have to use due to my roster)?

HOLY GHOST FIRE 451 IF P103 EC (Karlo tweaked version) https://prnt.sc/un6mv4

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23 hours ago, knap said:

I remember the other day you were asking about what set pieces to put into these.
Did you get any feedback for that? Are these the best corner/throw/FK routines that you ended up with or are they taken from any specific tactic?
I've only just started using your Warrior tactic (similar formation to this top 10 mix one) and the set pieces on there seem to be doing better than on others.

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knap could you tell me how to replicate the tests you do on tactics? (those with liverpool). just put the tactic and go on vacation or do you do something else? do you hire staff, make the transfer market, adjust training, eliminate injuries etc?
in short, how to test a tactic "quickly"?


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1 ora fa, knap ha scritto:


That is the tactic. Also the tactic RDF used with Real San Sebastian, although with AF AF.

Also the Warrior IW version above can ve used for difficult games

So he has changed CFs to AFs? I see yesterday on discord that at the beginning was unsure which tactic he has used. 

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It is really down to what you want to achieve.

I use a mix of playing the game and holiday., but I tend to set up tactics and the results just provide a guide. 

This is how Wolfsburg test is set up. You can also use IGE and FMRTE to freeze conditions. Also IR no match plan is considering better than holiday.

Original Wolfsburg squad replaced with players rated 82 or around on Genie scout

Holiday test with "use current tactic selected"

No OIs, just plug and play

The selection of players chosen should hopefully suit a number of roles within a system

i.e a right footed left winger to play IW/IF if that is what the tactic requires

Fitness is frozen for all teams in League using FMRTE

Assistant Man in charge of team selection and training

Selecting the tactic from column A, will download the tactic

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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