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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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Interested to know if anyone has ever kept a clean sheet away from home on this game? No matter who you play, every away game might as well be Liverpool away. Cautious, Balanced, Defensive, Attack - whatever you do, doesn't matter. Home team will have one shot and score. Turning off FM20 - it's just ruined. 

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Using FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS. Are you suppose to have a barely a 40% possession even against poor teams with 160-170 CA team?

And is this game just about wingers? I'm hard pressed to find any tactics that doesnt use wide attacking players in a winger role.

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End of the first part of the season with PSV Eindhoven, a team that made me vibrate in Europe in the past with Van Bommel or even Ji-Sung Park in particular. Media prediction: 2nd but with a big odd for the title compared to Ajax which was at 4/10.

I started the season with three tactics: Beowulf 442 P105, Tea For One 4411 and Big Away by RFD. I did a little tweak on Beowulf because I didn't have good strickers, i brought Rafael Borre to River Plate but isn't very good, except Donyell Malen, and I have Mohamed Ihattaren in AMC and he is one of the best wonderkids in the game.

I finish first in the championship at the January break, with 5 goals conceded only! Hendrix, Gutierrez and Rosario are very good players in the midfield and provide good defensive stability, Bayern Munich made an offer of 52 million for Hendrix but I said no.

In the Champions League, 6 games, 4 wins, 1 draw (1-1 vs City at home) and a heavy defeat at City 4-0.

So now at home I use the Beowufl 442 with the small tweak, and outside the Tequila Sunrise Big Away by RFD.

I destroyed Ajax three times already: 5-1 away in the Netherlands Super Cup, on this stroke I used the Black Echo 4-2-3-1, and for the other two victories it was the BIG AWAY by RFD. In the 2-0 victory away in Eredivisie, my best player Denzel Dumfries took a red card in the 38th minute, which adds credit to this performance.

Thanks to Knap for your tactics, it works really well in my game, thanks to RFD for its tweak which is for me the best tactic away.










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All of the tactics I see on here seem to be formation varients of the same principles;

In possesion: Play out of defense, Run at defense, Work Ball into Box, Low Crosses

Out of possession: Extremely high defensive line, Much higher lines of engagement, Extremely urgent pressing, Get stuck in, Tighter marking & Prevent GK distribution, etc.

Due to how many tactics follow all of these instructions, I presume this just simply 'the best' way to approach this match engine.


But are there any successful tactics that don't play this way?

Lower defensive lines looking to exploit the space in behind? (I'm thinking Leicester title win) I'd love to play a Direct Counter-Attack style but I don't see any on here...

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14 minutes ago, knap said:


In general I mostly use those settings but there are exceptions. foe example ROUTE 66 Tactics

@knap thanks for replying

I've dug around and found a Route 66 of yours.

Looks largely the same but with a few minor tweaks?

  • More direct
  • Lower defensive line

That looks about it.

Do you find that you're still dominating the ball this way or is it a sucker-punch tactic?



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12 hours ago, AaronRedDevil said:

What did you do for tough away games like Juve, Inter, Napoli?

I switched up the formation to like below and changed the mentality. It didn't work for the first few games against the big teams, but after a few months I didn't lose any away games against them just won or drew.



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If you run into problems, maybe going a bit stale, try to freshen up the tactic by switching to Oxford, or 442, can be just for cup games..

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Off topic i know and apoligise but cant seem to find the answer anywhere online. Im currently managing Ibiza and got promoted 1st season, my B and U19 teams aint in any leagues, i was hoping i would be invited this season as im only 1 promotion off La Liga now. Will they ever be invited or will they just have to play friendlies?

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5 hours ago, Staumauer said:

Excuse me for the question . But how could SC Freiburg as one of the most low budget-Bundesliga-sides afford to spend 40 Mio pounds for Pereira in 2021? i guess their complete squad-wage is lower than 40 Mio :D
Great results btw!

No idea, transfers in my game have been crazy. I only loaded the Premier League as playable so maybe other leagues got more money than is realistic?

Results all due to Knap's tactic!

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Hi all,

Need a bit of advice if I may. 5th season with Villa. Won the Premier League and Champions League last season, which is about 3-4 seasons earlier than I expected! I've also listed the UEFA Cup during my reign. TeaForOneVOL34321OXTHp98CC has served me grand for 3 seasons now. Below is my team, squad and overall happiness which I think is pretty good. This season I appear to be struggling massively, and can't put my finger on. lost 3 out of 5 league games and really struggling to put chances away. 


I've got some cracking players who ripped teams apart last season, with most being there for 2+ years. Transfer market this summer was focused on youth as my intake is pretty poor season by season. Only players i sold that were an influence were McGinn and Rahman, but still a good core of players remained for the hierarchy of the squad. 


Any tips or ideas from you fine FM players? Just can't seem to get a tune out of them this season at all. 





Tactic Help.png

Squad Depth.png

Squad Happiness.png


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BLACK ECHO 4411 is usually recommended. Also try Kashmir P101 (drop an AM in PF slot if needed) as very attacking and the AI may be more defensive..

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9 minutes ago, knap said:


BLACK ECHO 4411 is usually recommended. Also try Kashmir P101 (drop an AM in PF slot if needed) as very attacking and the AI may be more defensive..

@knap thanks mate, will give them a go. 


EDITED - My Brain hurts and can't find the ones you recommended. Don't suppose you have the ID numbers to hand? 

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It's kinda confusing reading through all the comments to figure out which tactic works best? Now starting as Strasbourg in France.. could anybody point me in the right direction for tactics that would work? @knap



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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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