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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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FM 20.2.3 was about 54% and I would say it has dropped in Beta. I am not using a posted tactic but with Lpool it is  50% average over a season using positive, which would normally give more possession.

If using attacking and more standard passing I can see this dropping further.

I do not have results of possession from any testing.

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Tactics appear to be testing better in Beta, so I would still use the sub top list in google docs. The tactics above are all 19 or 20 for sub top.

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Il y a 14 heures, knap a dit :

Recommended Beta Tactics

Sicilian P101 Positive/Attacking

Sympathy VOL2 P108   PL Win Norwich

Wulf 442 DL P101 1.68ppg (20,20,19)

Beowulf 442 P107  1.67 ppg  (20,20,19)

Wulf 442 DL Balanced ppg 1.58 (19,20,18)

For the 442/s tactic, ML need to be left footed and MR right footed ?

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What do you think about defending in wide areas of the pitch, when playing in 442 formations? Here's an example of leaving some free area for wide opposition players, just before losing two goals from crosses. Against some world class wingers, like Jadon Sancho it could be very costly.

Maybe assigning specific player marking for my ML and MR, to avoid exposing my wide defenders on 1vs1 against pacey dribblers?

Played with 20.2.3Wulf442DLKnap101ECFA.



Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid 2-2.pkm

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Never really worked that well in testing, although I do know it used with some tactics.

It is worth trying and reporting back. However, trying to cover defensive holes can weaken the attacking side of tactic


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I don't really see the point of introducing features that have the potential to spoil saves. I am not sure that would even be realistic, but then I'm use to Levy.

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3 hours ago, cloneman said:

Home and Away tactics?

Yes same tactic. Using mostly Positive mentality at home and mostly balanced away. Note to that I've strengthened the team alot with some good free transfers aswell. Fast strikers and centerbacks mainly.

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Hello Knap, i am sorry for my English.

I found the klopp's tactic in the game. If I write the missions, would you create a tactic accordingly. Thank you from now.

From right to left...

SK, CWB(S)-BPD(D)-DC(D)-CWB(S), DLP(S)-BBM, IF(A)-AM(A)-IF(A), PF(A) ----- Attacking Flexibl 4-2-3-1

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1 hour ago, erzet17 said:

Tactic tested: Sympathyforthedevilknapzaipvol2p108. MCity season (2037/2038), patch 20.2.4(beta). Defensive 5/5 - Ofensive 4.5/5. In my opinion TOP1.



FM20.2.3SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipVOL2P108FACC.fmf 45.03 kB · 12 downloads

Try it with just wingers on attack instead of inverted wings, seems to make it better on offensive on beta

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3 hours ago, knap said:



Have you any results with winger option?

Yep, used it in every champions league game, my squad in 2023 as Red Star Belgrade is quite strong tho, attribute wise, but still behind Liverpool, Barca, Real Madrid,  somewhere around Napoli/Atletico Madrid level. Sorry for messy ss, had problems logging in through computer for some strange reason. Luka Jović top goal scorer with 9 goals


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On 24/01/2020 at 14:37, knap said:



As posted by Tagaddin = A good overall summary


Just some thoughts on the new ME so far, correct me if iam wrong..

1- Players have better one vs one scoring chance yet one vs one opportunities are much less frequent now.

2- Players have slightly better targeting no longer shoot directly at the defenders as they used to pre-beta however this issue is not completely resolved.

3- Long balls over the defense moderately decreased, higher DL now is safer to play.

4- Ridiculous matches with you dominating possession and plenty of CCC yet you still lose 1-0 still exists.

5- Penalties still f***** up almost over 80% of shoutouts are lost despite having better players, penalties during matches are wasted more than 2/3 of time.

6- Penalties again are stupidly easily awarded with indirect freekicks, the ai just throws the ball into the box and the refree awards the penalty.

7- Long throws still dangerous even with a player with poor LT attribute.

8- Direct free kicks score less frequently than before.

9- Narrow gameplay is more rewarding and lower mentality now performs better than before.

10- Long shots are much less accurate now.

11- Pass into space not as effective as it were pre-beta

Generally a slightly better and less frustrating ME so far.

Edited Tuesday at 03:34 by tagaddin

Its really impossible to understand how after so many years of the game we still have so many stupid issues on ME

1.number of yellow and red cards completely stupid and unbalance punishing always more human players

2. games of completely domination and losing 1:0 only happens to human players 

3. Too many chances created vs scoring 

4. possession seems many times unrealistic due to all other stats

5. too many disallowed goals and vast majority to human players

6. mentality changes  seems to have in the majority cases the opposite effect

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FM 20.2 Tactics




Because I test with top, the pts total in tactic name will give an idea of what is best for top club, Top Clubs should be able to use all of the tactics.

Top Club say 1-4 in League (Lpool MC etc)

Sub Top 5-10 in League

Sub Mid 11-15

Underdog the rest

Can also use Top and Sub Top a Home Tactic Underdog Away or

Top Favourite Sub Top Evens Underdog if Underdog



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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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