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Best underdog tactic last year was tested with Arsenal P102.

Usually with a 343 just need to go defensive and add TW, but ARGUS SUS is in OP which is a back 5.

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I am very happy with the following tactic:


This is the first one that helps me score a lot of nice goals and concede only a very few. Most my goals are from nice short corner combinations. The ball is passed into the box and then fired in the goal with power. I am managing Nyíregyháza from Hungarian division 2 but now I am winning my 4th Division 1 and I am in the spring rounds of the Europe league. I always lost against Hertha but won against Porto twice.

Thanks, it is a great one!

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On 23/10/2018 at 05:55, knap said:

FM 19.1.5

Tested with Lpool in FMT no OIs Training AM



Tested with Spurs in FMT no OIs Training AM






FM 19.1.4

GOODBYE Press 343






FM 19

ARGUS Press 343 

Tested with MU no OIs Training AM






Hi Knap.  Thanks for this.  What are the differences between the tactics?  What would be best for Dafuge's Challenge?  Is there a code to your tactics i.e. do the words ARGUS/GOODBYE/BEOWOLF/PILGRAMAGE mean anything in particular?  I've read SUS means "Shut up Shop".

How do you think people should decide between all the tactics you've created.  (All of which are better than anything I could do, I'm sure).



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The tactics are still based on last year when team shape existed ARGUS  was Structured GOODBYE Very Fluid. I have copied the settings across from FM 18 for the FM 19 tactics so they have a different TI PI structure as well as Role structure.

The pts total at then end of name indicates tactic potential so usually the higher the better although ALL CUPS tactics have Probably won more games. The test with Spurs is a harder test and may produce better under dog tactics.

The next stage of testing is an independent test over 180 games using weaker teams. The best underdog tactic last year was ARGUS 343 tested with a top team, so the fact that I use top teams for testing does not mean the tactic will not work with weaker teams.

The FM 18 BLUE MATTER 433 has done well at level 10 so lower league is not a problem, and last year I took Billericay (A Dafuge Challenge club) from VNS to PL with back to back promotions, under Dafuge challenge rules.

It is then really a matter of a preferred formation, whether you are considered an under dog or top dog and see if it plays the way you want.

I have Margate lined up for the Dafuge challenge and if starting today I would use ARGUS 343 TH

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I use Argus 343 TH with Oxford City save. Currently TB underdog tactic. They start as a relegation candidate in Vanarama L South. I am currently in Sky Bet L 2. Going very well. 

However dafuge challenge suggests using your own tactic, so i don't apply.

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They are not banned so you would qualify, but I just like idea of starting a year later and attribute masking.

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33 minutos atrás, tedesco disse:



This Tactic dont work to My team. Iwill try other tactics.


It will take time to work, but if not, change to another one. Sometimes the players in the midfield don't link well and the tactic does not work.

If you have more defensive mids, it works. If you have more creative mids, switch to the one with mezzala and BtB

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