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FM 19 Unplugged 433 Time 433 4321 Blue Matter 433, 4321, 4312 and Pilgrimage 4123 23221 Knap

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I've been using the 4312 quite successfully in a test with Chelsea, despite their players not quite matching up with the roles and even once I removed the long throw and short corner routines which I noticed were resulting in quite a lot of samey goals that didn't feel 'earned' (even by a tactics copy and paster like me!).

I wonder, however, if you might be able to help me to feel a little more involved in decision making during the course of a match though (rather than just managing yellow cards and substitutions).

For instance, are there any circumstances in which you might change something? Away at a big side I have found that dropping the mentality to positive seems to reduce the chances that they get without damaging our goal scoring prospects too much. Do you recommend:

- a change of mentality in any circumstances?

- a change of roles in any circumstances? 

- changing the width of attack and/or defence against particular formations?

- changing any other team or player instructions against particular teams, e.g. expressivity vs discipline, take more risks vs take fewer risks etc.

- dropping the defensive line against fast strikers?

- what would you do to shut up shop when defending a lead? Just whack on 'defensive' or change roles/positions too?

- changing any player instructions to suit attributes, e.g. 'more dribbling', 'take fewer shots' etc.

(Also - for the two side midfielders, what do you recommend - genuine attacking midfielders with perhaps under-developed defending, or more complete box-to-boxers who may not be quite so good at the attacking side of things?) 

Thanks for this tactic - I've been waiting for a decent 4312 so that I can really get stuck into a save - I just like how easy squad building and management is when you can eliminate wingers from the equation...

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The only change I make is using a SUS Tactic

Defensive mentality

No Nonsense FBs

Time Wasting

You can use a SUS for very difficult away games or variations if needed, which you mentioned.

Roles are for the tactic structure not players.

If dropping DL then  drop LOE by same amount.

I prefer quality players but I usually have 1 defensive minded player  in midfield.

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I'm using a mixture of the latest release and the 4312 blue matter. You said a while back that you like to play a defensive minded midfielder. Do you play him in the dlp role? I ask as whenever I ask my AM to pick my team he plays an attacking minded midfielder there. Great tactic by the way.

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More a playmaker option like Eriksen the other day. As long as not compromising defence the no problem. One of the other MCs can be more defensive such as a Kante type player.

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On 02/01/2019 at 04:08, knap said:

FM 19.2.1

Tested with MU no OIs Training AM






DOnt know why, nobody pays attention to this tac. I load up a couples of tac, and tested on lower league York City, This one is getting good winning ratio with most goals scored. 


May i ask what is the best attributes for each roles? and the only small down side of this tac is how to play more defensively somehow...

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Apologies for anyone on the Discord having to read this twice, but just given the BM 4321 a big thumbs up for the lower leagues (when teams go defensive). Started the season with a 4411 but had to change it up when teams brought their bus onto the pitch - this worked wonders;



Note that because of the division i'm in i made the following tweaks - not saying you have to do this, but my star midfielder all the big teams want has a passing stat of 7 soooo :D;

- removed focus passing down middle

- removed offside trap

- added pass into space

- start every game with 'cautious' mentality and changed as appropriate (read around this board for more on that from me if interested)

- added work ball into box


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A time variation of my current favourite tactic!? :) Only got one game left this season so not really enough time to judge it against Blue Matter - if we do ok next season then i'll maybe try this one given my guys seem to play nicely with the TIME variant, just naturally will start out with the 4411 in the higher div etc.


Cheers Knap (again!)

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@knap can I just ask, I'm sure you get it all the time, but the wingers do you want natural wingers so same side same foot or do we wants player trait to cut inside and use opposite foot? Regarding the 4321 blue matter with the dlp

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Most of the sides I test with will have cut inside. Best to ask AM quick pick and then see how they play with this set up, and change if you see any problems.


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I keep being caught on corners. when i have a corner the opposition always then gets a 1 on 1 with my GK should i tweak the corner as i see routine 1 all players are in their box


just saw it was when defending! however i think it’s because on attacking corners younleave DL and DR back and my DR takes corner.

problem seems to be on Ledt Corner mostly

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There should be a player on stay back which is being ignored by the ME. The ME appears to be allocating random players to take kick. You will need to check which players are involved and rearrange to stop this happening. Also be careful near end of game when the AI may have 3 players forward. This does leave them shorthanded at back but if protecting a lead allocate forther players to stay back or stay back if required.

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