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FM19 Scouting

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Really haven't enjoyed the scouting in the last couple of years attached to the game. As a manager, surely it should be easy to give your chief scout a remit and allow him to then carry out that remit as best as possible. So in my case the club wants me to invest in young players for development. Being in the lower leagues I need to be signing cheap and adding value (like Southampton or Leicester) before having a good pay day when they are sold.

All I want to do is ask the scout to find players, that play a similar style of football in similar positions (BBM/BWM etc), or those he believes could adapt to the style we play. At the moment I have to create very specific assignments for this to occur. Is there a quick way to do this? I like that the scouts do throw in an unexpected players but this in my opinion occurs to frequently.

I recently read a report that a lot of clubs have lists of 5-10 players of varying ability that they have highlighted if players are sold. Could this not be an easy option to do or is it already a feature that I'm missing?

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