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Full Detail, 107 Leagues, 46 Nations, 148,000 players

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I have an 17 5930k @ 3.50ghz 32GB 2666Mhz, 500GB SSD Windows 7


Team: Arsenal

I have chosen to run 107 Leagues, 46 Nations, 148,000 players at FULL DETAIL.

If you are wandering why I have setup my game like this is because i want to see how the team results happen and if they reflect in real life, possession, passes, goals, big teams, big players....

To be honest early doors, it doesnt seem that slow. I have played football manager since 1994 (yes I am that old) and am used to waiting (i like running down, get a cuppa tea, snacks etc, and no I am not FAT!!)

Was wandering if anyone else is doing what im doing and what specs they have? How are you finding it? Any problems you run into later on?

Or does anyone have any questions for me? I will update this post as my game progresses under these conditions.

Be good to hear from you


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With a good computer you could even run it with double the player size. :)

The only problem in the long run is the huge saved file. And of course, the game will allocate more memory, so you should have at least 6 GB free.

With all leagues on full detail, processing during the weekend will be very, very slow.

It will be interesting to read, how it does run.

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This will be a very interesting read for me.
I always run all leagues when i'm playing but not on full detail.
That was a bit too slow for me. At least in previous versions.

The save file, as KUBI mentions, might become massive.
Probably big slowdowns on weekends and dates with a lot of transfer activity.

Good luck. I'll definitely be watching this thread :thup:

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You may greenz. 

CPU: Intel Core™i7-2600k Quad Core (3.40GHz, 8MB Cache)
Motherboard: ASUS® P8Z68-V PRO: USB 3.0, SATA 6GB/s, NVIDIA®SLI™, ATI®CrossFireX™
HD: 120GB INTEL® 320 SERIES SSD, SATA 3 Gb/s (upto 270MB/sR | 130MB/sW)

During the sim (as you can imagine) the game was very slow. Since I've started managing Concord though, it's moving like an absolute dream.

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I have always only played this game with all leagues in play, and even with additional players and staff through the advanced data base set up. This since I first started playing this game, and that was with CM2 I think, some time in the 90's. I've just started epxloring the 2019 beta with exactly the same setup as usual.

My current hardware is a laptop i7, 8 GB memory and everything is on a SSD. I'm comfortable with the speed.

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 I've run with all leagues active before but never more than a few on full detail and never any on view-only, I just don't see the point.

as a side note, I wonder if some people even know what you mean by full detail?

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Maybe worth to explain it:

Full detail - all matches are played and generated in full - they can be viewed

Without full detail the matches are "simulated", with stats, but no match report available.

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Update: Transfer Deadline Day

I hear people complaining about some transfers on their games are too low for players. These are the players that were signed up to deadline day 

I think the prices are a bit more higher than they were when i ran the default details on all the leagues except England last time

Anyone care to compare? And please note i did not bid for any of these players to influence the prices




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Some test results

The rule: Everytime i interact with the game, i stop the timer



Saturday August 11th 2018 - 5 Premier Matches Played

Total: 8m 27s 

Sunday August 12th 2018 3 Premier Matches Played

Total: 4m 43s

Monday August 13th 2018 1 Premier Match Played

Total: 1m 7s

Tuesday August 14th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches

Total: 1m 22s

Wednesday August 15th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches

Total: 5m 47s

Thursday August 16th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches

Total: 1m 34s

Friday August 17th 2018 - 1 Premier Match Played

Total: 1m 43s

Saturday August 18th 2018 - 6 Premier Matches Played

Total: 16m 7s

Sunday August 19th 2018 - 2 Premier Matches Played

Total: 5m 29s

Saturday August 25th 2018 - 8 Premier Matches Played

Total:  13m 48s

Sunday August 26th 2018 - 1 Premier Match Played

Total:  6m 38s



Saturday September 2nd 2018 -  7 Premier Matches Played

Total:  20m 8s

Sunday September 3rd 2018 -  2 Premier Matches Played

Total:  9m 25s

Saturday September 15th 2018 -  6 Premier Matches Played

Total:  23m 18s

Sunday September 16th 2018 -  2 Premier Matches Played

Total:  8m 16s

Saturday September 22nd 2018 -  6 Premier Matches Played

Total:  23m 35s

Sunday September 23rd 2018 - 3 Premier Matches Played

Total:  9m 26s

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I'll be using a new computer this year and I've been wondering if I could/should add a bunch more playable leagues than I normally do for increased realism in the footballing ecosystem, or just enjoy the decreased load times, or both? I want the player spread to be fair and make sense, and in the past I've found the newgens to be too skewed, so I want for things to be better this time, but I'm not sure how far I can push it. The old computer I used to use was much more limited than this so I'm used to being careful.


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19 hours ago, KUBI said:

Maybe worth to explain it:

Full detail - all matches are played and generated in full - they can be viewed

Without full detail the matches are "simulated", with stats, but no match report available.

My hunch is though that most people will think that Active is the same as full detail

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I play with all leagues loaded Full detail on all and Medium database around 125000 people on a 2 year old laptop and it runs fine for me. On heavy days it can take 3-4 minutes to process but I am fine with that. I enjoy watching the whole world. Playing around with the Beta and I am loving it at the moment. Will start a full game once 11/2 rolls around. Great job guys!


Trevor L.

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Just to contrast, I use just all of England with a small database, I can't scout outside of England anyway and in FM18 I never made it out of non-league.  On previous games I would run a massive database and never make any use of it mainly because I wasn't good enough to get high enough up the leagues for it to matter.

The other bonus is that I can use this save on my Windows tablet on my commute 

I run the leagues above and below me (if there are any) on full detail as the teams will be promoted/relegated into my division

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46 minutes ago, Weston said:

So this is just the time between clicking continue and the next day?

Basically its from 8am one day to 8am next day, everytime i have to interact i stop the stopwatch....



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I know in Football Manager the French teams are only 5 games in, the date being the 23rd September, but i think its great that the top 5 teams are very similar to the stats on WhoScored, with the French teams being 10 games in... 818774087_fm2019france.thumb.JPG.b263afb21ffc8d1b9d5da1c2fb2f6065.JPG130965408_whoscoredfrance.JPG.a6f0a42189491b44da5c0db0fc1ad742.JPG

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Ok, more explanation.

Adding leagues:

Active leagues = Players are loaded, you can manage all clubs

View only leagues = Simulated in the background, next to no players are loaded, even if you add 200 of them it does not slow down the game.  (Players are loaded depending if you chose small, medium or large database)

Active leagues - Detail level

No details  -  simulated matches and stats, fast but not using the real match engine.

Full detail - all matches are generated and played - slow but very realistic in terms of game play. 

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Maybe the guys at SI can post a sticky to show the masses... I see too many comments about players not performing like real life, teams, possession etc. When I reach the day same as the present, i will post a lot of stats, team possession, league tables etc, but will also look out for major injuries, red cards or players played in teams to see why such results didnt match up

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