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Is it possible to customize these buttons in FM Touch?


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For example, I would like to have the Go On Holiday button inside the Holiday Options to show beside Actions button
so that I don't have to click Actions -> Go On Holiday -> Holiday Options -> Go On Holiday every time I want to holiday to next match.
This will reduce 4 times of clicking to 1 times.

Besides that, I would also like to have the Mark All Items as Read to expose so that I don't have to click the drop down and click Mark All Items as Read.
This will reduce 2 times of clicking to 1 times.

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For the Holiday button I don't think so as it's just a generic button so you cannot move the code.

However you can move the Mark All Items as Read option out of the menu and set it as a button.

The xml file you need to edit is inbox buttons for full mode skins it's found in the panels/human folder within the panels.fmf file, however for Touch skins it's found in the skins\fmc\panels\human folder which is within the skins.fmf file - So for Touch mode you'll need a custom skin to make the changes.

This is the code you need to add to the file:

<widget class="icon_button" id="mard" select_event="mard" fixed="true" show_button_appearance="false" icon="icons/16px/menu" width="30">
            <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="text"/>
            <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="text"/>
            <record id="click_event" event_id="mard" event_target="mard"/>

Where you add it depends on where you want the button to show, if you look at the bottom of the file there is a popup_button widget that code is for the existing menu, so you can place the code directly above that to place the button to the left of the menu.

If you want the icon to have a different look then change the path in the icon bit to link to another graphic, (I've just reused the menu icon) whilst the red_replacement values on the other lines will change the colour of the icon.

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11 hours ago, russell9 said:

I have not created or edited a skin before. From what I have researched, I guess first I'll need to extract skins\fmc\panels\human\panels.fmf from skins.fmf?

Yes instructions are here:

And if you are using the default FMT skins then you'll need to download and switch to the relevant Base Skin:


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